House Newton



Eldest Living Member: Sir Gaern, a most loving father
Current Heir: Silas, Brother to Sir Pebwyn and second living son of Sir Baelorn
House Saying: “Iustitia et Virtute!” (Justice and Valor!)

Reeve: Bellud, the Trustworthy
Steward: Lady Esyllt, the Prudent
Chivalry Tutor: Neued, former priest
Riding and Combat Tutor: Magnolfo, aged Sardinian
Hermit: Meryn, man of Sauvage
Smith: Garsus, famed swordsmith, and his son, Eris

Notable Structures:_

The Tower of Newton: A recent construction, the Tower of Newton is an imposing and strategically important structure. With the investment of additional funds, the family of Newton intended this structure to protect the village of newton and the site of its castle construction.

Manor House: This great stone manor was built at the time of the marriage of Baelorn and Olwen. It is a homey, elegant, and defensible structure with a great hall suitable for hosting dignitaries and nobles of all stripes.

Heads of Family

485 AD – 487 AD: Sir Jaern the Nimble
487 AD – 491 AD: Sir Caern, Regent and Steward
491 AD – 514 AD: Sir Baelorn the Just
514 AD – 516 AD: Sir Jaernen, Regent
516 AD – Present: Sir Pebwyn, Lord Banneret

Family Tree

Family tree:

Family traits

Men’s Trait: Never Forgets a Face (Recognize +10)

Women’s gift: Natural Healers (+5 First Aid and Chirurgery)

Passions: Love (Family), Loyalty (Arthur), Fealty, Homage,

Traits: (men) Just, Modest, Generous, Valorous, Energetic, Suspicious

Traits: (women) Just, Modest, Prudent, Generous

Traits: (both) Just, Modest


Newton, and all attendant lands
Deerford, and all attendant lands
Sherrington, and all attendant lands
Horton, and all attendant lands

Household Legend

The Reign of Sir Pebwyn

Upon the death of his brother, Sir Jaernen, Pebwyn, squire to the Earl, was knighted Sir Pebwyn in the moments following the night attack on the camp of King Arthur. Since that night, he has ridden into battle many times to fight for the king and earl.

Plagued by a history of dishonesty, Sir Pebwyn is known as a deceitful man, but in the Forest Sauvage, he has had a rebirth. Swearing to uphold Arthur’s ideals as a trustworthy knight, he has made an oath to reforge himself anew so that no man may doubt his word.

Seeking to be worthy of his father and brother, Pebwyn has gained the permission of the earl to construct a river castle at Newton. In the first year since, the trenches were dug and the foundation laid. In the coming years, Pebwyn hopes to make it a truly magnificent structure worthy of his benefactors.

The same year as the castle began construction, Pebwyn married the young, beautiful Lady Glesig, heiress to the lands of Horton, to the north, wealthy silver mines coveted by their neighbors. The earl believed that Pebwyn could help bring strength and protection to her lands and ward off the jealousy of those around. Likely, some are angered at this joining of houses.

To commemorate the joining of the houses of Newton and Horton and Pebwyn’s conversion to the Roman faith, a new, grand Roman church is planned to be built within the village.

House Newton

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