House Cholderton



Eldest Living Member: Betsan, daughter of Maugan, Son of Poluc the First
Current Heir: Eynon, son of Poluc “The Honest”, Son of Gerym
House Saying: “Peace, Progress, and Prosperity”

Knights of House Cholderton:
Alawn, a fine archer among other things
Ceith, an accomplished horseman
Cenvelyn, bears the scars of many duels
Cynwal, Strategic thinker and former Lord regent of Kimpton
Cynyr, Strategic like his twin, Cynwal, but more martial.
Dafydd, the most accomplished swordsman in the family, serving the Earl as his personal guard
Griffrey, Eynon’s uncle and proponent of Cholderton pursuing Kimpton
Josue, called, “Knight of the woods” by his family, he knows the Chute forest well. After removal of the banditry, the woods have become home to huntsmen
Marc, Banished from Salisbury for attempting to murder Sir Lug
Nye, recently returned from Marlboro.

Ladies of House Cholderton:
Nesta, Future wife of Eynon
Aderyn, the child of Rhett and Blodwyn
Aeron, wife of Nye
Betsan, Eldest woman of the house
Blodwyn, wife of Rhett and mother of Aderyn
Brin, wife of Griffrey and mother of Habren
Brynne, wife of Ceith, desprately wanting a child
Crystin, Wife of Cenvelyn and mother of Sir David
Ebrill, Widowed by Elidir, she tends to the family’s needs
Elidis, mother of the twins Cynwal and Cynyr. She loves animals, especially cats
Gwyneth, Daughter of Marc and Nia
Habren, Daughter of Griffrey and Brin, she is energetic and unmarried
Laufamour, Widowed by Caradoc and recently mourning her lost son Elidis, she focuses attention on her son Josue
Lili, an unmarried woman looking for love
Modron, Known for her green thumb. She hopes to have kids this year
Nia, Wife of Marc and mother of Gwyneth
Olwen, wife of Alawn
Rhian, mother of Nye and steward of Cholderton
Siana, born blind in one eye, Lady Siana has never married
Tagan, mother of Marc and Eynon. Recovering in Cholderton after being kidnapped

Notable People:
Pabo, The Reeve
Father Anyon, Priest
Lil B, the family cat
Arvor, Captain of the levy
Adda, Sheep herder
Leofric, Sergeant at arms in Cholderton

Heads of Family

387 AD – 417 AD : Sir Ector
417 AD – 440 AD : Sir Lionel
440 AD – 455 AD : Sir Poluc “The First” -Reagent for Sir Gerym
455 AD – 473 AD :Sir Gerym
473 AD – 481 AD : Lady Habren -Reagent for Sir Poluc “The Honest”
481 AD – 495 AD : Sir Poluc “The Honest”
495 AD – 406 AD : Lady Tagan -Reagent for Sir Rhett
406 AD – 414AD : Sir Rhett
414 AD – Present : Sir Eynon

Family Tree

Family tree

Family traits

Men’s gift: Great Composers

Women’s gift:

Passions:Hate(Saxons) Love(Family)

Traits: (men)

Traits: (women)

Traits: (both) Cat Lovers


Kimpton **Recently taken by the Earl due to legal issues with Lord Tathal

Household Legend

The Lance of St. James:
Handed down through the family since the time of Ector “The Just,” the lance of St. James has been a family heirloom that is over 100 years old. It is said that the spear came into the family’s possession when a man attempted to ride down Sir Ector. The lance betrayed it’s owner and slid from his hand and landed before Sir Ector, who cut down his attacker before retrieving the weapon. It was learned from a nearby monastery that the lance belonged to St. James, brother of John the Apostle. It is believed that the lance will only pierce the hearts of evil men, and will not harm those of good deed and good heart. This was put to the test when Sir Eynon of Cholderton rode against the former knight-turned-monk Tyson of Berwick. The spear glanced harmlessly off the man’s shield despite Eynon’s skill. This has raised questions among those who Eynon currently travels with.

House Cholderton

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