Vortigern, King of Logres

A disgraced King who married a Saxon and sold the Kingdom for her.







Vortigern was the brother of King Constantin and uncle of King Constans. When King Constans was killed by his bodyguard, Vortigern was voted High King of Britain. Under his rule, Saxon mercenaries were imported from the coast in order to fight against Irish and Pictish invaders and later, British lords who disagreed with Vortigern’s use of these mercenaries.

To make peace with the Saxons he had invited to his country, he married one of their king’s daughters. Rowena is said to have converted Vortigern to her faith.

He was eventually killed, burned alive in his castle with Rowena in northern Wales by his nephews King Ambrosius Aurellianus and Uther.


Vortigern, King of Logres

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