Uwain Laverstock

Herlews's second youngest brother, and the only one until Gwallter was found.


Uwain was a respected knight of Salisbury, and took the be fruitful and multiply part of the bible to heart, having fathered 8 children with his wife, the lady Tanwin. Famously brave, he was equally as famed for his appetite, both for food and drink. A jovial, jolly fellow with a beard and a heavyset, shorter frame, Uwain was a handsome man, and a loyal retainer to the family. He was grievously injured after a battle in the north of Malhaut, and would have died except for the actions of his brother, Herlews.

Once, on a visit to the forest Sauvage, he and his men had come across a strange spring, with clear sweet water that had some sort of magic placed upon it, as it began healing the wounds he had gotten earlier in the day. He saved a canteen of it, and years later decided to take a gamble and use it on his brother. It was a success, miracle of miracles, and though he would never fight again, Uwain lived through his injuries, and began helping Lawrence with the duties of Steward, making appearances in court with his brother when he was able. He was murdered in the year of 514, by the son of a witch who had hanged in the village earlier in the year. As he was visiting friends in the village, the boy came from behind Uwain and speared him through the knee, then as he fell, through the chest. The boy was hanged some years later.


Uwain Laverstock

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