Tybalt "the Younger", Lord of Berwick St. James

Former Head of House Berwick


Born 489 AD
Death 516 AD
Father- Tybalt “the Elder”, Former Head of Berwick St. James
Mother- Arla “of the Giant’s Blood”, Lady of Buckholt
Wife- Elayne, Knight of Sherrington (510-515)

Famous Traits- Spiritual, Valorous
Famous Passions- Hospitality, Hate (Saxons), Love (Family), Love (God), Loyalty (Homage), Love (Anwen), Hate (Lot)



  1. My Squire, Aled
    2. House Knight, Will “The Little”, Knight of Berwick St. James

Sir Tybalt the Younger was born of a Christian knight and a pagan daughter of a Salisbury house knight. Tales of how his father’s unchristian ways has led to the near destruction of Berwick St. James is something Sir Tybalt has had to endure throughout his life. However, through the dedicated upbringing by his uncle, the pious Brother Tyson, and his squiring for Sir Cerwyn, known for his Pious and Christian ways, has led people to believe that the young knight can reverse the fortunes of Berwick. Sir Tybalt has already made a name for himself through his way of living his life passionately and piously. Sir Tybalt, while not as handsome as his father, did inherit his father’s charming accent and the bright brown eyes of his mother.

Tybalt "the Younger", Lord of Berwick St. James

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