Rhett, Knight of Cholderton

Sir Rhett, Older brother of Eynon and Marc. Former family patriarch.


Birth date: 21 Apr 490
Death date: 8 Apr 514 Died defending merchant caravan from raiding Saxons.

Sir Rhett was beloved by his family and his people. He served the king loyally for many years, but he was cut down in his youth by a band of marauding Saxons while guarding a caravan headed to Silchester. After his untimely death, his body and belongs were brought to the city of Sarum, where his younger brother Eynon became the patriarch of Cholderton. He is survived by his wife, Lady Blodwyn and daughterAderyn.

Rhett became a knight in the year of 511 AD, having served as a squire to Sir Goron of Warminster. Born in 490, he died serving the county in 514 AD. His band of knights had been accompanying merchants across Salisbury plains when Saxon invaders came upon them. He was killed defending the company.

Famous Trait: Valorous
Famous Passion: Love (Family)


Rhett, Knight of Cholderton

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