Poluc, "The Honest" Knight of Cholderton

Father of Rhett, Eynon, and Marc. Poisoned at feast


Birth date: 5 Oct 465
Death date: 7 Dec 495 Dies during the massacre of St. Albans

Named after his great uncle Sir Poluc “The First”, Sir Poluc showed no shame in earning his own name and glory throughout his life. Known as a gentle soul and kind hearted man, he was said to never tell a lie and often advocated for criminals and miscreants to be given lighter sentences or forgiven entirely. For this reason, many called him “Polac the soft”. When used during his lifetime he laughed, but his family has since come to take this as a major offense. He had three sons with his wife, Lady Tagan; Rhett, Eynon, and Marc.

Born in 465 AD, he was poisoned at the Massacre of St. Albans and killed in 495 AD.

Famous Trait: Honest**, Forgiving.
Famous Passion: Love (Family), Loyalty (Followers).


Poluc, "The Honest" Knight of Cholderton

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