Nye, Knight of Cholderton

Household knight of Cholderton. Cousin to Sir Eynon and Sir Marc.


Birth date: 7 Jun 491

The son of Sir Maioc the bold and the beautiful Lady Rhian, Nye was a quick-to-do squire and served several unlucky knights. His father’s death in 508 was said to have depressed him severely, especially as his father’s corpse was never recovered by his squire. Nye was squired at the age of 15 to Sir Baric of Tilshead and served him until his lord’s death at the hands of Saxons in 509. He was then squired to Sir Candalo until his death in 512.

Famous Trait: Honest.
Famous Passion: Loyalty (Lord), Love (Family).

Squire: Geyr (15 years old)


In 515 AD

Travelled with Lord Eynon to King’s court. Fought against Tyson of Berwick, though having the upper hand, Lord Eynon asked for the men to quit the battle and tend to the injured, allowing Tyson to escape.

In 516 AD

Rode with Lord Eynon to Kimpton in search of his mother, Lady Tagan
Killed Lord Aegelswith of Wessex with Sir Tybalt of Berwick. He was commended in court.
Asked to lead the household in defenses for the year while Lord Eynon rode north to meet the Saxon threat.
After Eynon’s return from war, they both traveled to the Giant’s Dance to meet with Svetti.

Fought at Corgas with his cousins and Lord.

After both the trial of Sir Marc and the trial of Sir Eynon, Nye felt Eynon did the noble and honest thing to do, fully supporting his decisions and knowing that the Lord could be counted on.

At the end of 516, Sir Nye was sent North to request help against the Saxon raid from the Earl of Marlboro.

In 517 AD

Rode with Eynon north against the Saxons again
(Enlisted to go to the Forest Sauvage to look for Merlin and Baelorn by order of the King Arthur.)
(Fought in the battle of Lincoln)

In 518 AD

After the loss of his wife, Sir Nye stayed in Cholderton to grieve.

Nye, Knight of Cholderton

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