Niclas, Knight of Buckholt

Household Knight of Buckholt and mentor to Sir Eynon



Niclas is of average height, with long dark hair. He is a British Christian, and this is clearly seen from the simple cross he wears around his neck. He is not known to be pious, but as his family comes from pagan roots his religion has often been an obstacle. His eyes are a cool dark brown, and his voice is scratchy.



Niclas of Buckholt is a household knight of the lord Buckholt. He was knight to Sir Eynon for many years; longer than most squires. Due to Sir Eynon’s loyalty, however, the two formed an unbreakable bond.

Niclas was also a friend of Tybalt of Berwick until 515 AD. Young Tybalt had once been taken by the lords of Buckholt in protest against his father, and thus forbidden to speak to him after the event’s resolution. Niclas had reconnected with the little lord, now grown.

Niclas and his brother Fagan were attacked by Sir Glen of House Stowey. Glen had come to rescue his cousin, who had been taken to Berwick for hiding by Tybalt. While Niclas managed to get to safety, Sir Glen fatally wounded Sir Fagan.

Niclas, Knight of Buckholt

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