Marc, Outlaw of Salisbury

Sir Eynon's younger brother


Birth date: 1 May 494

Confident and in charge, Marc is an errant young knight of the House of Cholderton. He squired to Sir Inge of Levcomagus. For his loyalty and service, Inge paid for him to be raised to the rank of knight even before his elder brother, Eynon. Marc was said to have openly mocked his brother’s misfortune in the halls of Levcomagus.

Famous Trait: Pride
Famous Passion: Loyalty (Sir Inge)

In 515 AD
Asked to lead the household while Lord Eynon and Sir Nye attended King’s court.

In 516 AD
Rode with Lord Eynon to Kimpton in search of his mother, Lady Tagan.
Travelled with Lord Eynon to the marshaling to head north to war.
Fought with Eynon at Corgas

Banished in winter after a trial in which he was found guilty of attempted murder of Sir Lug in support of Sir Geyr.

In 517 AD

Assisted Lady Eirian in escaping Hantonne with the assistance of Geyr. He arrived home in Cholderton under the protection of the church seeking forgiveness from the Earl.

In 518 AD

Rode after Brigand Svetti with Eynon towards Malborough


Marc, Outlaw of Salisbury

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