Fagan, Knight of Buckholt

Household knight and former regent of Buckholt



Fagan stood taller than most men, and confident in battle. He was a sound steward, but retained his pagan ways late into his life unapologetically. He raised his elder brother’s children, and ruled for them during their early years. He had long brown hair, and a gentle voice.



Fagan was a household knight of Buckholt until the year 515 AD. when he was slain in combat by Sir Glyn. With the help of Sir Niclas, his cousin, he was able to get to safety inside the manor of Berwick St. James while Sir Glyn escaped into the woods and back to his home in Somerset county.

Glyn and Fagan’s paths had crossed as a result of a love by Tybalt of Berwick. Tybalt had recruited his distant uncle to assist him in moving a young noblewoman, rumored to have been kidnapped, to another location.

Fagan, Knight of Buckholt

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