Quenna, Knight of Wessex

This bald and eyebrowless creature's gender is hard to determine.


Standing at an average height and with little by way of a snarl or spiteful look, Quenna is likely to fall into the category of not intimidating. But this is only to those who do not know him. As a member of King Cerdic’s household guard, Quenna has made a name for himself as a guardian and soldier both. But it is his reputation as the executioner of Hamtun that brings most to fear him.

In 516 AD he was assigned as the guardsman to Eirian of Gotsham. She was killed in 517 AD during this duty by two unknown assailants.

Famous Trait: Energetic, Valorous
Famous Passion: Loyalty (House Gewessi)


Quenna, Knight of Wessex

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