Merlin, Sorcerer to the King

A half-demon sorcerer that speaks only in half truths and advises the King Arthur.



Standing shorter than the average man, this old and bearded fellow moves about the realm with the confidence of a King. He travels alone, or with a single companion, and he carries not a sword nor a shield. His eyes are the color of amber, and his hair has a slight smell of cinnamon. His voice is deep, and contemplative. His eyebrows are wild and unrestrained, and their long tendrils provide a slight frame to his face.



The story of the sorcerer Merlin is one of mystery and length, and surely there are none who can recount it fully. Merlin the Magician is a old man with great magical powers who served as an advisor to many historical kings. It is said that he was born in the time of King Constans, and that he served as an advisor to King Vortigern.

Later, he predicted the coming of Ambrosius and the dragon. It was in this time that he served Ambrosius, and later his brother Uther still. After he kidnapped the King’s bastard son through Lady Ygranne, he was named a traitor.

He is steeped in the druidic lore of Britain, wise and mysterious, and rightly feared and respected by everyone with good sense. Merlin’s lord is Britain, not the king, though he helped Uther in many ways.

He is always bustling about the realm and many believe his doings are everywhere. He is Generous, and Kind and has been said to never tell a lie. He is renowned, of course, for his spirituality but also for having never touched a woman. For this he is often mocked by soldiers.

Merlin advises the King Arthur, as he advised his father, but has not been seen for some time.

14,452 Glory.

Merlin, Sorcerer to the King

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