Madog Riverson

An unstable and crazed Knight, with a violent streak a mile wide and evil eyes.


Maddog is a dark spot on an otherwise unblemished page in the history of the Riverson line. Maddog was a shiftless, angry man with a penchant for violence, against men and women, and was known to have committed several rapes, though never of a noble woman. He was knighted, though Cadwallon and the then head of the house Gwyn argued over it, Cadwallon arguing being knighted would be good for calming his sons urges, or at least give him an outlet, and Gwyn saw nothing but the shame he would bring them with his actions, if his childhood and adolescence were anything to go by. Eventually he relented, and Maddog began cutting a bloody swath across the county, reveling in war and the violence that it brought. He would routinely savage and capture enemies just to kill them later, and always took liberties with women near the field if they were to be found.

After a raid on the village by Saxons, Maddog was part of a force led by his brother Herlews to repel them. After successfully doing so, he and Herlews found the camp of the leader of the band, and the two Saxon women he had with him. In the ensuing fight, Maddog killed one of the women outright while Herlews dealt with the man, and upon capturing the other and taking her back to the village, he raped her that night, much to the anger of his brother. The woman bore him a bastard, Gwanon, and the next year he was married to a meek woman named Violette, in a further attempt to calm him. She bore him 1 son, which he named after himself. He only saw the boy once, He was killed on campaign the next year, and buried in the RIverson plot. A simple wooden cross marks the place, though he isn’t discussed by the family much anymore, preferring to forget the fevery eyed blight on their house.


Madog Riverson

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