Lil B, Cat of Cholderton

The family cat, renown for her size.


Lil B is no ordinary cat. She always gets her mouse, and she has an uncanny weight. She has indeed brought the family fortune and they care deeply for Lil B and her offspring. She is due to have a litter sometime soon. One of the kittens has been promised to Eirian of Sherrington.

In 517A.D.

The kittens swarmed around Lil B’s paws as she lay watching her brood. Five Kittens of six had survived and opened their eyes. Eynon looked at the litter, and smiled. Two females and three females. They were an interesting mix of color.
Kitten 1: Calico Male
Kitten 2: Male colored like Lil B
Kitten 3: Male (runt) Gray and black patterns
Kitten 4: Female (alpha) Colored like Lil B
Kitten 5: Female orange tabby


Lil B, Cat of Cholderton

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