Tagan, Lady of Cholderton

Lady Tagan, mother of Rhett, Eynon, and Marc


Birth date: 9 Jul 471

Lady Tagan was wed to her husband Poluc the Honest at the age of 18, bearing him her first son Rhett the following year. Her second born, Eynon, was thought originally a welp due to a sickness the child had at birth. The prayers of his mother and the local priest, Orec, are said to have cured the babe with God’s blessing. Finally, Lady Tegan had her youngest son Marc. She has an eye for fashion, and regularly engages in her sons’ pursuits for wives, having found both her eldest and her youngest wives. Eynon, however, remains a challenge.

Famous Trait: Chaste, Prudent**.
Famous Passion: Love (Family)
Stewardship 14 at the end of 517 AD

In 515 AD
Kidnapped by Alefgar and Wulfstan, men of King Cerdic. Brought before Svetti “The Tax Collector”, who was upset by this kidnapping and ordered the situation resolved smoothly.

In 516 AD
Assisted Sni in escaping to Cholderton, sending her with Svetti’s belongings as a way to alert her family about what had happened to her.
Returned to Cholderton unharmed after a blood price was paid to Prospero, one of Svetti’s men.


Tagan, Lady of Cholderton

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