Rhian, "The Fair", Lady of Cholderton

Aunt to Sir Rhett, Sir Eynon, and Sir Marc


Birth date: 15 Jun 472

The mother of Sir Nye and wife to the deceased Sir Maioc. She was of Frankish birth, and her family had come from the continent with King Ambrosius but fell into disfavor with Uther. She is known for her extraordinary beauty and youth despite her years.

Famous Trait: Chaste, Trusting
Famous Passion: Hate (Saxons)


516 AD:

Lady Rhian fell ill, and the churgeons could not help her. She was visited by Lady Eirian who worked with Mabwyn to create a poultice for Rhian. They brought her to Sarum to recover, and she did. In her gratitude, Rhian crafted a very fine hood for Eirian.

Rhian, "The Fair", Lady of Cholderton

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