Jaernen, Lord Regent of Newton

Regent of Newton until his father Baelorn's return


Jaernen is the eldest son of Sir Baelorn, lord Marshall, and his rightful heir. He is the only surviving child of the Lady Mary. He squired to Earl Robert of Salisbury. He was born in 493 A.D to Sir Baelorn’s first wife, Lady Mary. His father was banished from the realm at the King’s command in 514 AD, and when he did not return Jaernen took up his rightful seat.

He is larger than almost any man in Salisbury, and stands a head taller than most other Cymri. Sir Jaernen is known to be a chivalrous knight, his family having embraced the king’s new ideas and code of honor wholeheartedly.

Sir Jaernen was slain in 516 by Saxons after being injured in battle. He had been left wounded in camp.

Famous Traits: Energetic, Just*, Modest, Generous, Suspicious, Valorous
Famous Passions: Love (Family), Homage, Fealty, Loyalty (Arthur), Loyalty (Followers)



  1. My Squire, Yestin, cruelly murdered at the hands of the outlaw, Svetti
  2. My tutors: CHIVALRY TUTOR UNNAMED and Magnolfo of Sardinia, aged tutor of horsemanship, swordsmanship, and lance.
  3. My household knights: Sir Lug, Sir Leu, and Sir Albricht
  4. My vassal: Sir Uther and his household knight, Sir Dyvinarth

Sir Jaernen’s father, Sir Baelorn, wed his mother, Lady Mary, as a kindness after she had been raped and was with child. Later, after Sir Baelorn had informed Earl Roderick as to the identity of the man, he defeated him in a duel for justice.

Jaernen was born that year, 493.

Taken ill in infancy, Jaernen was saved by the kind gift of the Lady Rowena of Sherrington who, knowing the boy was unlikely to survive, gave the proceeds of a prized horse to pay for his care. Restored, Jaernen went on to become hale and healthy as he grew to paging age, and was sent to serve in the court of the Earl Robert, still under the regency of Countess Ellen.

He served faithfully, watching with pride as his father’s fame and honor grew, hoping one day to be as great and good as him.

Jaernen, Lord Regent of Newton

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