Heledd Riverson

The wife of Sir Cadwallon, and the mother of his children.


Heledd was once described as a storm in spring, blustery and fierce, but beautiful and necessary. She certainly fit the description, her natural way with commanding and organizing people and her brilliant mind for business and numbers made her perfect for the stewards position, and though traditionally it should have gone to Indeg, she was happy to allow the woman the title. Once Lawrence showed up, they fought, good naturedly but in earnest, over who and how gave the servants their orders and what barn stored what grain. She did not shirk in her motherly duties either, raising 3 fine boys, Tudfwich Rhodri and Gwarddur, but despite her best efforts, Madog was certainly not what one could call fine. She died in 502, at the age of 60.


Heledd Riverson

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