Eynon, Knight of Cholderton

Former Sheriff of the Chute and Collingbourne woods


Birth date: 16 Jun 492

Sir Eynon, son of Sir Poluc "The Honest", became the Patriarch of his family in 514, after his brother, Sir Rhett, fell in battle against Saxon raiders while escorting merchants. He served loyally as squire to Sir Niclas of Buckholt for many years, until the call of the Earl Robert summoned all squires for an unconventional and rushed squiring to defend the realm. His Mother, Lady Tagan, had a third child. Sir Marc. She also acted as reagent with the help of her sister-in-law Lady Rhian "The Fair", who acted as steward of Cholderton for the time. Sir Eynon is a very handsome man. He has slowly become known as a stoic and maybe even slow to act. His martial prowess is lacking, but he trains diligently to be the best mounted knight in the land. He created the beginnings of the Bourne river accord, attempted by his father Poluc the honest. He is set to marry Lady Nesta; an equally thoughtful gentlewoman from Earl Robert’s court.

Famous Traits: Prudent, Valorous

Famous Passions: Hospitality, Amor of Nesta

Glory: 1742



Ceolric, Eynon’s squire with Eynon
#Alawn with Eynon
#Ceith with Eynon
#Cenvelyn, injured and recovering in Wilton
#Cynwal Currently in Kimpton defending from brigands
#Cynyr with Eynon
#Griffrey with Eynon
#Josue, Currently protecting Sherrington
#Nye In Cholderton, mourning
#The Priest in Sarum (seeking info regarding legality of marriage of Sir Marc)
#Cynstenian, Prisoner of Sir Eynon
#Marc, with Eynon
# Lord Knook
# Lord Knook’s son

In 515 AD

Eynon was sent with other knights to sue for peace with Cornwall, which ended with the murder of an Irish princess and the death of Lady Elayne; both at the hands of the Orfois family of Cornwall. Sir Jaernen almost died as well, but Eynon was able to track him through woods of Ireland. There was also a dragon attack in Berwick St. James. Eynon led a group of knights to track people suspected to be tied to the Dragon. He found them, and nearly met his fate. Travelling to the King's court, Eynon was with a group of knights that located the missing Tyson of Berwick. He pursued Tyson after he attacked and attempted to kill his Nephew, Tybalt. Eynon's cousin, Sir Nye, protected Eynon and Sir Herlew's Squire, Rhydian, after both had received heavy wounds from Tyson. Late this year, his mother was kidnapped by a two men named Aelfgar and Wulfstan.


In 516 AD

BEFORE THE WAR Eynon led a group of knights from Berwick, Laverstock, Newton, and Cholderton to find and bring back his mother. He didn't have to go far, as a child (released from captivity by his mother) brought word that the kidnappers had been in Kimpton, and indeed hosted by the Steward there. He found the culprits in Kimpton as well as a Saxon raiding vessel in their docks.. He paid 1 Libre to Prospero, a man of Svetti "the Tax Collector",for his mother's return and upon leaving, ordered some men ( Sir Jaernen, Sir Tybalt,Sir Nye, and Sir Griffrey) to loose the moorings on the vessel and shove it free of the dock. In the attempt Sir Jaernen was wounded by Lord Aegelswith, one of King Cerdics most loyal vassals, and fell into the river. Aegelswith was killed by Sir Tybalt and Sir Nye, and his head was brought back as proof of the Saxon involvement with Kimpton. During this event, however, Cholderton came under attack by Saxons. The knights present bolstered the defenses, and Eynon waited for word from the Earl after he sent Ser Herlews with Aegelswith's head to report the Saxon invading force assumed to be preparing in Kimpton. Lady Erian, fearing the worst for her brother Jaernen, snuck out to find him. Eynon sent a young man of Kimpton named Leofric after her. The next day, his mother was returned, unharmed, but Leofric and Eirian never came back. When help arrived, Several knights rode forth and discovered that their missing comrade, Sir Jaernen, was alive. The group then tracked him down, finding first Leofric and Eirian in pursuit as well, and then Jaernen stumbling through the woods and injured. Once he was found, the group gave up pursuit of his captors and headed back to Sarum for the marshaling. Once the Earl had learned of the fate of Lord Kimpton, he assigned rents to be collected by Sir Eynon until the rightful heiress was determined to be alive or dead.

OFF TO WAR Heading north to battle with his family, Eynon prepared for war. However, when the war began, he saw imminent danger as his unit was routed. He fled for the woods, not stopping to look back. He travelled for days, crossing rivers swamps and woods until he found a lone man, Yenno, to share his food and fire. Donning Yenno's dead partner's gear, Eynon found the missing Earl of Malahut and brought him before the King. Though his transgression in fleeing the battle when unnoticed by many, Sir Herlews chastised Eynon for disobeying orders. Eynon lost his close friend, Jaernen, to the war. He has tried to aquaint himself with his brother, the new lord of Newton.

RETURNING FROM WAR After the army returned south to Salisbury after being defeated, Eynon was tasked with investigating a fire in Berwick seen from Sarum. Sir Eynon and Pebwyn rode to Berwick and discovered the horror of the wholesale slaughter of Pagans and Saxons in the village as a purge had occurred on the orders of Florence after both his brother Tybalt and cousin Will were killed in battle. They returned with Florence to Sarum where the Earl demoted Florence and exiled him forever from the county. This made him an outlaw, and so Eynon rode after him. Upon catching him, Eynon agreed to let him go to his family for a final goodbye, knowing the coward would not return. He returned to Sarum, to where his aunt's fever had broke thanks to the assistance of Eirian.

MEETING WITH SVETTI Returning home, Eynon was met by his cousin Cynyr with Leofric and Gaza in tow. The men related the story of the Saxons landing on the western shores of Kimpton, though Eynon was more concenred about finding Svetti. After a short conversation, it was decided that Gaza and Cynyr would ride for Tilshead and seek out Svetti. Within the week, both returned and a meeting was arranged. He invited Jaernen's brother, Sir Pebwyn, and Sir Herlews. He also brought his cousin Nye. The meeting was smooth, and both groups left satisfied for the moment. When the subject of Svetti's desires came about, Pebwyn protested. Eynon did his best to assure him that the choices before him were difficult, and that many issues were at stake. Sir Herlews agreed with the recommendation to present Svetti's case before the Earl. The men rode on in relative silence afterwards, until they saw the walls of Sarum rising in the distance.

The Old Roman Fort After a brief meeting with the Earl in Tilshead following a hunting accident, news arrived that the Lord Marshall Tathal wished to pursue the Saxons at the head waters of the Bourne River. The group accompanying Eynon left for Devizes, and split up into two forces, heading for Pewsey and it's neighbor. The group moved through the forest, and upon entering the plains near the head waters, Eynon spotted a outlook. He maneuvered himself and Pebwyn around and before the scout knew it, Eynon had run him down. They carried on until the fort was in sight. While awaiting a chance to strike, Pebwyn saw the ship of Saxons depart. Eynon created a plan to get inside the gates, believing the remnants to be untrained peasants. In the early morn, he dressed as the Saxon scout and pretended to feint near the gate. They dragged him in, and then the attack happened. The fort was easily taken with little loss of life. The smith in the fort tried to escape, but Sir Herlews found him in a small camp in the mountains. Eynon, recognizing the man as the missing lord of Kimpton, convinced him to return with the group to the fort, where he was welcomed with open arms. The group then sat in wait for the Saxon ship, the real threat, to return. When the Saxons. returned, the group lay in wait, hidden amongst the buildings of the old fort. Eynon, worried for Leofran, tried to ask that the missing lord be removed from the fray for his safety. When the battle ensued, something inside Eynon gave out. He didn't know if it was his soul or his will, but he was starting to view the saxons less and less like enemies. After the fray, many events took place resulting in the death of Leofran. The day had been won, but a new battle had secretly begun in the shadows.

Return from Corgas Eynon marched home with his family, a treasure of extreme value in tow. After discussing the events of Corgas, it is decided to report to the Earl about the treasure. A letter arrived from Pebwyn alerting him to the kidnapping of Eirian. Eynon and his family rode in force to be present for speaking with the Earl in case anything went wrong. They met with Sir Miles and Pebwyn and discussed Eirian. Eynon agreed to help. Later that evening, he was called forward, and presented the information about Burghelm to the Earl. In his delight, the Earl accepted Burghelm's killer, Dafydd, into his personal guard. He also awarded Cholderton with a new stone manor three stories tall. The next day, his family went home, and Eynon went with Pebwyn and Miles to Newton. They stayed the night, and from there, took a barge towards Laverstock. As they moved along the river, smoke rose from the town of Falt with people fleeing in the distance. When the group landed in Laverstock, they rode hard for the town. Sir Herlews easily tracked the marauders. Following them to Figsbury, Sir Herlews outmaneuvered the enemy, and kept them trapped until help from the north arrived. The leader of the bandits surrendered to Eynon, and it was found to be Lord Bartholomew. He claimed to have convinced his Lineage men and some locals to farce a group of bandits and the operation went south. The group marched the bandits and Bartholomew back to the Earl for judgement.

The Trial of Bartholomew Many had gathered and conversations aplenty were had. The trial of the Lord of Bodenham was upon the county. The crowd watched as the Earl dispensed justice on many men. Hands were lost and one man was dragged off to be forced to consume poison. Finally, the young knight was brought in. For his crime, however well-intentioned, he was banished for one year and a day.

The Trial of Tathal and Eynon

Eynon waited for Tathal to arrive for days, worried for his family. He visited his brother a few times, a knight previously tried for assault against another knight, and conspiring to murder. When the Lord Marshal finally returned, Eynon received counsel from Pebwyn. Soon, he and Tathal are called to trial. Eynon entered the court to hear the pronouncement that the Earl passed; His brother Marc and Lord Tathal’s knight Geyr were both stripped of knighthood and banished from the county.
The Earl asks Eynon about his evidence against Tathal, which he recounts in detail, damning timing and unusual actions that corroborate his investigation. Tathal rebuts, claiming that there is no motive and Eynon merely sought to undermine Tathal’s authority. The Earl looked to the two and addressed the court about his displeasure over the situation. Two of his most trusted, fighting; splitting the county along invisible lines. With no evidence on either side, both men were punished. He told the court that this ends here, and that we will have no fighting. Tathal lost his Marshalship as well as one of his vassals. Eynon lost regency over Kimpton.
Later, the Earl brought both of them to private conference and bade them end whatever issue they had now, and not let it come to further volatility.
Sir Herlew’s accusation against Tathal’s seer as conspiring to murder either himself or Tathal’s son is met with suspicion, and the Earl orders the men to bring both their seers to court for the Earl to investigate.
Eynon returned home after he was released by the Earl. His family, strong in spite of the loss, work to comfort him, though the nights become restless and Eynon begins to lose himself in being home. He once again turns his focus to his home, wanting to leave the past behind. The River accord. Eynon’s original project. He would have to convince whomever the new Lord Marshal is that this would benefit the realm, and that the bridge at Ford will need rebuilt, but he had faith the Earl would see the good of opening that waterway, increasing prosperity and trade to the northwest of Salisbury.


In 517 AD

With Levcomagus recently captured by King Cerdic, the forces of Salisbury have mustered in Sarum for a feast with their Lord. During the festivities, bards entered the hall and began singing the praises of house Cholderton at the request and coin of Sir Pebwyn. After some time, Eynon made his way to the antechamber and headed towards the smaller hall where the ladies and house knights of Salisbury were being entertained. His mother found him, and mentioned that their were two eligible women. After a brief discussion, Eynon (to the questioning of some of his family) decided to meet the young woman raised by the countess. Nesta, he learned, was essentially raised with the Earl Robert. Eynon spoke with her, and the time disappeared into hours, until the two, thoroughly exhausted, retreated to their separate arrangements. Eynon was in love.


After a night of feasting and rest, the host in Sarum made their way south towards Ebble. This surprised many of the forces as they believed they were heading to liberate Levcomagus. The Earl left the host soon after, taking knights to guard him. Among them were Sir Nye and Eynon’s other cousin, Sir Dafydd. When they arrived at Ebble, Lord Marshal Trigg informed the host that there was information that an attack would come from the South.
For days, maybe weeks, the host waited for something to come, and it finally did. A rider from the Earl. Levcomagus had been liberated by King Arthur and the forces of Silchester and Marlborough. This good news turned tragic when the host was informed that Lord Sel of Levcomagus had asked to be reassigned to Duke Silchester, since his Lord Earl Robert would not come to his aid; it was granted. With such a powerful trading city lost to Salisbury, despair and concern fell over the host who was order to march straight to Silchester to meet with the King’s army for the muster that would head north.


Sir Miles enlisted the help of Eynon in finding and accosting Tyson of Berwick who was rumored to be in Silchester. It was by luck that Eynon saw the man after the group had split up. He immediately sent for Miles, and simply monitored Tyson; to engage him would spell disaster as Duke Silchester had commanded that his men be allowed to apprehend him. This proved to be a ruse, as the Duke’s guards were following Tyson with disinterest as if ordered to guard him. Tyson slipped into a room, and when he left, Eynon went to see what the man had been up to. When he touched the handle to the door, it burned him. Fearing a fire, he and his uncle Griffrey broke the door down, and extinguished the small blaze that had started. As cheers went up from the crowded foyer below, Eynon saw Tyson with a pack headed towards the exit to the keep. He called Tyson out, and the guards after a small exchange, brought Tyson before the King, the Earl and the Duke. A small trial was had, and Tyson’s sword (rumored to be evil) was removed and given to Archbishop Dubricus. It was also demanded that the child of Berwick he had in his custody be returned to Sir Miles.
After all the forces had finally gathered, the army headed north…

The search for Merlin begins

After guarding the rear of the host heading north, Pebwyn sought out audience with King Arthur pertaining to his sorcerer, Merlin. He was immediately brought forward, and asked Eynon and Sir Herlews to accompany him. After an exchange, the three were ordered to put a small group together and find Merlin. It was decided that Pebwyn would lead this cause. Sir Miles joined, as did Cadel, Sir Nye, Philip the Esquire, and a few others. The group headed towards the forest Sauvage, and began the mission.
The first few days yielded little, and the group went too far south, out of fear that getting lost in the forest would be detrimental to the mission. They headed to another location where they were met with a hail of arrows from guards who asked repeatedly for them to leave their lord’s county. Days later, the group entered the Sauvage forest from the north. Eynon commented that from a local’s narration of the war between the Fisher King and his brother, that perhaps the center of the blighted land would be the location of the Fisher King’s castle. The group headed into the woods and soon found the blight, and the magics of the land. After being terrified by some unknown evil, the group managed to cross into the decay, and found themselves before the coldest, most violent river they had encountered. It hurt to the touch. On the other side a city shimmered, though it seemed impossible to reach. Eynon mentioned that perhaps this was the water that the smith of Newton dreamed, and advised Sir Pebwyn his sword might be of use. When Sir Pebwyn placed his sword in the water, a shimmer of a bridge appeared, and it allowed the group to pass to the island in the middle of the river safely, though the horses remained behind tended by Gibbons; Sir Miles’ squire. On the island, the group found the tomb of Sir Balin, who was apparently killed after maiming the Fisher King. There, Eynon found a small wooden trinket with an Ouroboros on it; the sign of Merlin. Also just by the island, a bit in the river was a floating stone block with a sword buried to the hilt. While similar to Caliburn, it had a reddish tint to the metal, and the inscription underneath bore the sign of Merlin and read: “This sword is for the greatest knight of all.” Believing that he was destined by God to bring the sword to its owner, Eynon reached out and grabbed the hilt, sinking deep into the depths of the water, holding on to the handle as the whole stone turned upside-down; the weight of Eynon flipping the floating rock…

After a vision of things to come and being pulled from the water, Eynon felt warm. The group marched towards the city of glass, and found the elven women to be extremely hospitable. Some of the men took their pleasure, but Eynon remained chaste. There they met the brown knight, who asked for their aid on behalf of the fisher king. The group rode to the aid of the king, enduring a series of tests. During on such test, Sir Cadell failed repeatedly, causing Eynon to have to save him from the rushing river multiple times. This separated the group. Once Eynon had managed to get Cadell safely across the dam, the two went forth to meet their fellows, finding first the Esquire, Phylip. They continued on, and eventually met with the rest of the group who had quite an adventure of their own in meeting with the fisher king. They all exchanged stories, and made their way out of the forest Sauvage.

To The King!

The group followed the trail of the host, getting news along the way and correctly determining his location from locals. Along the way, they passed a village that they liberated from Saxons. Once with the host, Pebwyn and Eynon reported on the mission. Afterwards, they returned to the group and discussed the days to come. The next day, the host was moving. Eynon sent Traehern to find some spears since he had lost his in battle. Traehern, being ever skilled, was given a bundle of spears for helping Lord Stafford as his squires were all ill. Among the bundle was a spear of magnificent Roman make. fearing it was a mistake, Eynon tried to return the fine spear to the lord who was with his King, Leodegrance. After a small exchange, Eynon was given a pendant of King Arthur fro Leodegrance, and he rode off in shock and awe. Soon, the king had sacked the Saxon stores of food from Lincoln and feigned moving north, sending Duke Ulfius and a battalion into the woods east of the main road north. Turning about halfway to the river, the army waited, and sure enough, the Saxon army came forth. After a night of taunts and pilfering, the day came and the battle would begin.

Battle at Lincoln

Eynon was glowing with the light of the Lord, and ached for the battle. Once the clashing began, he maneuvered the spear from King Leodegrance around flawlessly, finding it delivered death everywhere he turned. His Ally’s hacked and slashed and the battle was furious. Hours passed as the fighting continued. Soon, Duke Ulfius was return from the woods, catching the Saxon forces in a pincer attack that wasted their flank. During the final moment of the maneuvering, Sir Herlews spotted an enemy commander, Badulf. He was the leader of this host, no doubt, and Eynon had recalled their brief exchange last year when delivering the King’s terms. As he and Sir Herlews fought the passionate warrior, Eynon’s spear slipped under his guard and into Badulf’s chin. Sir Herlews ordered the men to take him prisoner and retreat to the rear to get him treatment. Once to the Chirgeon’s tent, Eynon saw an injured lord, whom had the full attention of the head chirgeon. Finding instead King Arthur’s cousin, Sir Herlews pleaded for her to save the saxon lord in order to prevent more bloodshed. Just then, Duke Derfel was brought in with a grievous wound, and his men demanded her attention. after a small argument and a scuffle, she chose to save the Saxon commander. The army broke and chased down the routing Saxons and the chase continued into the night. Sir Herlews was able to track down one small band, and it was a lord from north of Eberacum. The lord asked to be judged by his own lord, Ethfrida and that he was willing to submit to Sir Herlews for safe passage to the King Arthur. Once returning to the field of battle, the group learned that the army had headed north.

North of Eberacum

The group found the king and new orders were given. Sir Herlews was to command a group of 200 men and head to the north most castle in malahaut, rallying the remaining troops for battle and preparing for word from the king on what to do. Eynon’s new squire, Callum, attempted to assassinate Eynon. The Lord felt this was a concoction developed by the large saxon follower of Ser Herlews.

Homeward Bound
After rallying troops in Barnard’s castle, Eynon led the forces to meet with King Arthur’s host and finish off the fight. His hallucinations became markedly worse as it caused an altercation between himself and Sir Herlews. The group marched back home and engaged the forces of King Cerdic, but it was a ruse. Most of the troops had pulled out, but there was damage nonetheless. Cholderton remained relatively unscathed. After making a deal with Cerdic, King Arthur moved his troops away from Salisbury. Sire Herlews and Eynon searched the Harewood for Svetti and encountered a secret prisoner exchange by Cerdic and King Arthur. Present was Cerdic’s son, Cynric. Eynon felt it was a bad time to engage the man, and could provoke Cerdic. Failing to find Svetti, the two learned the lord of Monxton might have been attacked by him. Eynon continued the search but enlisted the help of his bride to be’s father in order to help him learn his place as a noble and a lord.


In 518 AD

The Search
Eynon was made sheriff of the Colingbourne woods and the Chute forest by Sir Herlews after he was made the Marshall. This gave Eynon the power to chase down Svetti, and the process began in Kimpton. The hunt led him north to Ambrosius’ dike, where he encountered a mysterious plan hatched by someone to use Svetti to support the war effort for one of the sides. They acted under the guise of King Arthur, but Eynon was skeptical. A man of Svetti approached the break in the dike, and Eynon’s family went to meet him. The man shouted about an attack, and Eynon began shouting orders and charged through the dike and towards the direction the man arrived. Passing by two men, Eynon went after a target deeper in the woods with his cousin Griffrey. The two finally caught up with the man they believed to be Svetti, the Tax Collector. after a small exchange, the two warriors clashed over a ravine on an old fallen tree. The exchange was violent. After a very injurious blow, Svetti grew enraged, impassioned by the fall of his men. He and Eynon continued to clash, and he finally slashed open Eynon’s chest and then grabbed the young lord and began to headbutt his face until both were unconscious and a bloody pulp. Eynon’s family pulled the men out of the woods towards the dike where Lord Cadell arrived with a new bride from far to the north. After causing a great deal of annoyance for Eynon’s family, his new bride began to attend to Eynon…

(To be continued…)

After the return…

At a siege in Clarence, Sir Eynon fell from a crenellation. After his brother Marc attempted to stop his bleeding, Eynon slipped into the warm embrace of death.

Eynon, Knight of Cholderton

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