Eirian, Lady of Sherrington

The young heir to Sherrington



  1. My Handmaiden: Aelfwynn of Sherrington
  2. My Bodyguard: Lug, Knight of Newton
  3. My Bodyguard: Albricht, Knight of Newton
  4. My Page: Godric of Sherrington

Elder by only moments, Eirian is the first of two young girls as twins to Sir Baelorn and Lady Rowena. She has a strong love of animals and a fondness for people and festivals. She is exceedingly bright and friendly, funny and charming. She has a beautiful singing voice. She was born in 503 AD.

515 AD
The year 515 AD was such an exciting and scary year for Eirian. She discovered that the legend of the Berwick St. James dragon, Astellarex, was a reality and that dragons frighten all men, even the bravest of knights. She did not actually see the dragon, though she could feel its roar through the very earth. She came to know Eynon, Lord of Cholderton and the lands of Cholderton. While there, the Saxons attempted to raid the lands. They were working with an outlaw named Svetti, Outlaw of Salisbury, who had established a foothold in Kimpton and murdered Lord Kimpton and his family. Her brother had been taken prisoner by Svetti, so she felt it her responsibility to go rescue him.

516 AD
What a truly cursed year 516 AD proved to be. Eirian lost her brother, Jaernen, Lord Regent of Newton, and her uncle, Tybalt “the Younger”, Lord of Berwick St. James. She saw Tyson, Outlaw of Salisbury try to burn his own nephew alive. Herlews, Lord of Laverstock ran into the flames to rescue him, receiving serious burns all over him. She also bore witness to a massacre of pagans in Berwick St. James, led by Florence “the Exile”, Outlaw of Salisbury. Men, women, and children were slaughtered or run out of the village.

Tathal, Lord of DeVizes became the Lord Marshall of Salisbury rather than Sir Herlews. She met Miles, Regent of Berwick St. James of Berwick Saint James and Bartholomew “The Traitor”, Esquire of Wessex of Bodenham.

It was also this year that Eirian witnessed a family dispute between Sir Miles and Tyson, resulting in the kidnapping of Leget, Bastard of Berwick St. James. After tracking down Tyson, she was somehow captured by Svetti’s men, Niag, Freeman of Fittleton and Svein, Outlaw of Salisbury, who brought her to the village of Imbur. Here, she met her friend, Guntramn, who kept her safe during her captivity.

While in Imbur, Svetti forced Eirian to kill a man, and then he ordered Guntramn to bring her to Cerdic, King of Wessex in Hamtun, who would pay a hefty sum of money for her. Not much is known of the journey from Imbur to Hamtun, but when Guntramn delivered Eirian, King Cerdic took her on as a ward and treated her like family. After convincing her to swear fealty to King Cerdic, he granted her the lands of Gotsham and commanded her to stay there.

517 AD

While in charge of Gotsham, Eirian became familiar with many people. King Cerdic commanded her to have a bodyguard, Quenna, Knight of Wessexwho also watched her very closely. Additionally, a woman named Cyneluf, Lady of Wessex planned out each day for Eirian, and as with every young lady, she had a handmaiden named Agilgid, Lady of Wessex.

One evening while traveling back from one of her visits to Hamtun, Eirian saw a commotion near the slave markets. Upon investigation, she found Marc, Knight of Cholderton and Geyr the Exiled in a line, waiting to be sold. She attempted to purchase them but was thwarted by Cynric, Aetheling of Wessex. He commanded that the sale of Marc was to be split between himself and Eirian so that he could make him fight in the pits and allowed her to purchase Geyr entirely on her own. However, when Geyr purposefully injured Marc so that he could not fight.

Cynric showed up at her house, demanding to know what would be done to compensate his loss of such a profitable fighter. Geyr used his own forehead to attack the prince, who appeared to find it more amusing than an affront. When Eirian failed to properly punish Geyr for it, Cynric ordered Eirian, along with Geyr and Marc, to meet him the following night at the edge of a forest that most considered haunted or cursed; there they would “discuss” what would be done about the attack. Eirian will not speak to anyone about what happened at that meeting, but Geyr ended up replacing Marc in the fighting pits as recompense.

Eirian tried to speak with Marc alone to assure his cooperation and both their escapes. To do this without the ever watchful Quenna, Eirian made use of a special flower she had discovered and her improving skills in herbal concoctions to put Quenna to sleep. The plan worked, but Quenna, believing that Eirian had tried to poison her, used the remaining mixture on a pony that her family had sent her, forcing the young lady to have the animal put out of its misery. Eirian was forbidden from learning about herbs from this point forward,

King Cerdic arranged for his other son, Ceol, Aetheling of Wessex to marry Eirian. Upon meeting her husband-to-be, she found him to be very sweet and charming. He seemed to enjoy breaking rules to make her happy, even taking her to see Geyr in the fighting pits and allowing her to continue learning her herbal education. Even his lunatic brother, Cynric, seemed to be very protective of him. She began to resign herself to the reality that she would become a Saxon, and redirected her goals to rule over Salisbury as Countess. Perhaps that was the only way to save her beloved county from the ruin she believed it to be in currently.

On the way to her wedding, her party was attacked. Quenna was killed, and someone tried to abduct Eirian, though she managed to slip away and run straight back to Sigeberht, Knight of Wessex, who was currently the protector of House Gotsham. When they arrived in Hamtun, there was no room in the royal keep, so Eirian was to stay with Nerthaid, Lord of Wessex and his family. An ambush was waiting there by none other than Geyr, Marc, and some other individual Eirian did not know. She went with them willingly.

On the journey back to Salisbury, there was some contention between the unknown individual and Geyr and Marc whether or not to “rescue” Eirian or bring her to the King Cerdic. It ended with the individual’s death. They traveled the river north and happened upon a ship. Marc attempted to find out who they were because the three of them were starving and needed food. He was brought on board. Though they tried to hide, Geyr and Eirian were discovered by Tyson, Outlaw of Salisbury and Lug, Knight of Newton. Tyson demanded custody of Eirian, and, remembering the dual between Tyson and Sir Miles, Eirian agreed to go with him, promising Geyr and Marc that should they make their way to Newton, no harm would come to them as long as they said that Lady Eirian sent them.

Tyson and Sir Lug made their way north, getting separated along the way. Eirian still does not speak of her time alone with Tyson. They were reunited at what was left of Castle Ebble in the south, hotly pursued by Cynric and his men. Tyson went to fight the men, and Sir Lug took Eirian out of there….and brought her home.

518 AD

Once home, she discovered that the manor of Sherrington had been burned to the ground, though the village has persevered even without Eirian’s presence. Pebwyn, Lord of Newton and Her Attendant Lands, Banneret assigned her a new handmaiden, Aelfwynn, Lady of Sherrington. Before she could fully ascertain the extent of the Saxon’s damage to her home village, the King declared that all knights assemble near Du Plain where Saxons have reportedly taken over the castle. Being Knights, Sir Pebwyn was obligated to go and was forced to take Eirian with him. Many of the knights refused to heed the call, and Pebwyn was sent to retrieve them, and he left Eirian in the care of Sir Miles.

They laid siege to Du Plain and retook the castle without a battle. A squire of Berwick, Danemund, Squire of Berwick, convinced those inside to surrender. Most of them within only spoke Saxon, so Eirian was able to communicate, having lived in Wessex for over a year. They informed her that the bulk of the Saxon army had left during the night and abandoned them. After this, Sir Pebwyn assigned two knights, Lug, Knight of Newton and Albricht, Knight of Newton, to protect her. Also, she has arranged for Godric, Page of Sherrington to become a page for her.

Later that year, Eirian attended the King’s winter court, which was held in Sarum this year. Even though there was a small amount of harassment due to her captivity in Wessex, the feast was mostly a fun evening. A messenger from Wessex arrived for Eirian, warning her to return to Hamtun. The messenger informed her that there were 40,000 men ready to invade Salisbury, a message she immediately relayed to the King. The King publicly forgave Eirian for swearing fealty to Cerdic, and also forgave any other who may have done the same. He asked her to send his forgiveness and an invitation to swear fealty to the rightful king to Wessex.

Upon returning home to Sherrington, Eirian began to organize things again, but she decided to visit her brother in Newton to make sure her family there survived. She left Sir Lug in Sherrington to protect young Godric, who remained as a representative of Sherrington’s authority. In Newton, she learned that her family members were fine, and she was met with a surprise visitor, her twin sister, Linn, who showed her the true tragedy of Newton: the Saxon’s had defiled and pillaged her father’s memorial tomb. She also learned that Ffwc, Knight of Newton, son of Lug, had died defending Newton.

With her twin sister, Sir Lug’s remaining family, and the rest of her entourage in tow, Eirian began her travel back to Sherrington; however, as her party approached Vagon, Eirian was intercepted by a messenger, informing her that Sherrington had been attacked and that Godric and Sir Lug had been injured. Godric reported that he had met with a stranger, an individual who shared treasonous ideals (ideals that were once professed to her by Svetti, Outlaw of Salisbury). After treating their wounds, the party, save for Lug and his family, returned to Sherrington.

While traveling, the party encountered Sir Herlews and Sir Miles, who escorted them to Sherrington. Upon investigation, it was discovered that Afon, Freewoman of Sherrington had been abducted. After assigning Aed, Freeman of Sherrington to follow up on a possible lead, the group made camp for the night. Eirian also learned that Tyson, Outlaw of Salisbury had been killed while attempting to rescue a Berwick priest. In the morning, Sir Herlews and Sir Miles departed.

Eirian, Lady of Sherrington

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