Cynstenian, Freeman of Bodenham



Vital Statistics

Born 492 Winter

Gender: Male

Height: 5,7 feet

Weight; 163 lbs

Gameplay Statistics

Glory: ?

Famous Trait: Honest


An almost perfect replica of his twin Content Not Found: freeman-chulainn-of-cambria only the keen eye can pick out Cynstenain from his twin if the two are side by side, more grim of countenance and and slightly leaner in build. As a Freeman turned Sellwsord Cynstenian wears a simple chainmail and also wears some form of clothing over it. Nonetheless he is fairer than most of the commonfolk, and would look fairer of countenance if he could stop scowling as he is quite content to let his brother do such things. Less inclined to give voice to falsehoods, Cynstenian is brutally honest when asked to give his opinion, which is a fortunate thing since he speaks less often than his twin and prefers more simple solutions. While grim of temperament Cynstenian is often amused by the way his has with women, often because it causes Chulainn to be irritated to no end. As a man of few words in comparison to his twin Cynstenian let’s his actions speak for himself being the more combat orientated of the pair. Still let it be noted for a man who is usually silent if prompted he does a lot to say.


What? No I am not Content Not Found: freeman-chulainn-of-cambria, I am his brother Cynstenian, yes we look alike because we are twins. Why are the two of us sellwords? While I will not speak for my brother but for me the answer is simple, I want to kill Saxons, I want to burn their homes wiping their taint from the world, though rumour has it they do not have children and instead summon troops from the pits of hell which also brings to question if they even have women or do they just kidnap the women of other lands? Either way I want them dead. Is it wrong for me to hate devil-spawn such as them? Surely if you say that it is wrong you must be jesting, but that is all I will say on this matter. Is there another way? No people in general want simple solutions, solutions like war and I have no problem with that Cadell, Lord Regent of Bodenham is a fair Lord to work for, there may be better ones out there but until I find them and am of no use here only then will I leave. Now enough, go talk to to my brother if you need something or are just looking for conversation I have said my piece. Mindless prattle is more tiring than battle

Cynstenian, Freeman of Bodenham

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