Cynrain, Knight of Laverstock

The long haired grandfather of Herlews and father of Adtherp.


Cynrain was knighted shortly after his father Lleywel’s death of the pox, and served the then Earl of Salisbury, Reginald. He fought at the battle of Carlion and lived, where he found the woman who was to be his wife, Arionwen, in the court there. Though he was unfaithful before their wedding, laying with another woman while away and making her with child, he was so grateful to her for allowing the boy to be a legitimized bastard that he remained faithful until the day of his death. He fought the influence of Saint Germanus, staying true to his father’s British Christian heritage, and was also a vocal opponent of Vortigern and his ilk, even before his marrying of Rowena and the shipping in of droves of Saxons. It was with a heavy heart he marched against Vortigern’s enemies at Kent, and he died in that battle, never seeing his countrymen flee for Brittany in swathes. His two sons, Adtherp and the bastard Cadwallon went on to become knighted and landed, making the family of Laverstock official.


Cynrain, Knight of Laverstock

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