Cadwallon Riverson, Knight of House Laverstock

The bastard son of Cynrain, and former head of the Riverson clan.


Cadwallon was born out of wedlock, Cynrain, his father and the head of the House of Laverstock at the time, made a woman with child while repelling invaders in the south of the country. He brought the woman back, and accepted the dishonor for his actions. The woman died in childbirth, but the boy survived, and after much groveling and begging, his wife allowed him to be knighted and legitimized into the family, under a different surname. Thus Cadwallon became Sir Cadwallon, and began a long and storied career. He and his younger, but legitimate brother Adtherp became fast friends growing up, and served together on many tasks throughout the realm.

The brothers were inseparable, though in Deira Cadwallon was unable to save him from fate, as he was speared through the throat. He bore his body back to Laverstock personally, and delivered the news to his eldest son and heir, Gwyn. He was married to Heledd the year of his knighting, and by her he had 4 sons, Madog, Rhodri, Tudfwich, and Gwarddur. Cadwallon was killed near Ford, defending the bridge there from a force of Saxons with designs on Sarum. He caught a shovel to the head, and fell from his horse, where he was overwhelmed and bludgeoned to death. Herlews was devastated, growing up he had been Cadwallon’s favorite nephew, and the two were very close.


Cadwallon Riverson, Knight of House Laverstock

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