Brastias, Knight of Logres

Ever loyal to the crown of Logres he has served two of its Kings.


Sir Brastias was King Uther’s most trusted man, the chief of Uther’s bodyguard, and had dedicated his entire life to protecting the king. He rarely socialized with anyone but his handpicked guardsmen during this time. He is a gruff, no-nonsense knight to the extreme. He is noted for his suspiciousness, his loyalty to the king, and his tremendous courage. Since the King’s death, Sir Brastias has ridden throughout Logres being courted by Earls and Dukes for his loyalty.

He is now the loyal bodyguard of King Arthur.

11,590 Glory.
Famous Traits: Energetic, Suspicious, Valorous, Arbitrary, Deceitful, Generous.
Famous Passions: Loyalty (Arthur)**, Hate (Saxons)


Brastias, Knight of Logres

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