Arthur, King of Logres




Arthur was born to the Lady Ygraine of Cornwall, and King Uther Pendragon. Perhaps near Tintagel castle, where the Lady was known to live during that time. He was born in 492 AD.

It is well known that Uther Pendragon was a lustful man and often chased women that were beyond him, but it was the Lady Ygraine’s beauty that ensared the king such that he is rumored to have engaged the sorcerer Merlin to help him trick the Duke of Cornwall and defeat him in battle.

Uther was a skilled commander, as so needed no tricks to win a war. But the heart of Ygraine? In court before her son Arthur, the Queen later admitted that a man bed her the night her husband was killed who bore the appearance of Gorlois but whom Ygraine believes was Uther.




As a babe, Arthur was spirited away and stolen by the sorcerer Merlin. Several knights helped in this endeavor but despite their involvement the King found them innocent of wrong doings. Arthur’s home and history would not be revealed for many years.

As a young man, Arthur served as a page in the royal court of Lothian and as squire to a knight of Lothian by the name of Kay. He was fostered by this knight’s father, Ector. It is said he received tutelage by the sorcerer that once advised his father, and the King Vortigern, Merlin. In the north he lived in relative safety and certainly he was unknown to the political plotters that would have doubted him in the south. Of course, he was right under the nose of someone who would later come to be his enemy, King Lot.


Finding Caliburn


Young Arthur attended the tournament of Duke Derfel of Lindsey. He pulled Caliburn from the stone, originally as a weapon of choice for his knight. Many realized, including his foster-brother and knight, that this meant he was now the true king of all Britain. He received their fealty. Some doubted him, claiming it was a trick of the sorcerer Merlin. However, Archbishop Dubricus offered his support to the boy king and many lords followed.


The Boy King


Young Arthur is now a young man, and seeks to secure his rule. Thus far it has been bloody, and has involved the use of many lives.

Arthur, King of Logres

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