Arionwen, Lady of Laverstock

The slim and pretty grandmother of Herlews, and mother of Adtherp.


Arionwen was a welsh noblewoman serving in the court of Carlion, when her knight in shining mail quite literally came riding into the courtyard, part of a company lifting a siege on the castle that had been on for months. During the feasting, Cynrain caught her eye, and proceeded to woo her rather successfully. Unfortunately before they could be married, she had to finish her service and training as a handmaiden to the Lady Carlion, and in the ensuing year Cynrain managed to land a woman with child. She was furious, but smitten, and after several impassioned pleas she allowed Cynrain to legitimize the boy, so long as she could name their first son. He agreed, and thus Cadwallon was named. They were married later that year, and the next she gave birth to Adtherp. She lived to see her sons knighted, though died of a terrible fever a few years later.


Arionwen, Lady of Laverstock

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