Adtherp, Lord of Laverstock

The first Landholder of the Laverstock line, and father of Herlews.


Adtherp was knighted in 460, and began a storied career. The first of the family to be landed, he married into the lands of Laverstock, and became its Patriarch. They belonged to the last daughter of the previous house, Indeg, a formidable woman. They were truly smitten with each other, having consumated before their marriage, and the resulting son was hidden away for many years until he was found by Herlews, who legitimzed him fully, bringing the story to the public eye. His mother was shamed, but happy to see her son again. He had 4 other sons, Gwyn, Herlews, Neddig and Uwain, and was outraged at the night of Long knives, losing his uncle and brother. He became very close with his surviving sibling, his bastard brother Cadwallon, and together they rebuilt Laverstock, through deed and coin and patience, into a land their sons could be proud to inherit. He was killed in Deira, after being stabbed through the throat with a spear. His crypt is elaborate, with a tomb and an effigy, paid for by his sons in acknowledgment of his tireless work in turning the lands of Laverstock around, and his exemplary service to king and country.


Adtherp, Lord of Laverstock

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