The current year of the campaign is 518 AD. Last year was 517 AD. You can also view the timeline of historical events to see a complete history of the campaign.


  1. Marc, Outlaw of Salisbury.
  2. Herlews, Lord of Laverstock.
  3. Miles, Lord Regent of Berwick St. James.



Other Relevant Setting Information

Salisbury County in the Kingdom of Logres, Britain.

What is King Arthur Pendragon (KAP)?

King Arthur Pendragon, or KAP, is a tabletop game that follows you through your character’s life, death, and then his heirs life (and so on) all through the “dark ages” in England after the fall of Rome and the rise of King Arthur.

You build a family and a dynasty. It is a highly medieval game with little fantasy. You not only play a character that goes on adventures but also you manage your estate and servants, expand your family through marriage and children, and train your squire.

There are some elements of superstition and fantasy that can be added but the Narrator will tend towards a more realistic game and keep magic on the fringes except where the text explicitly calls for it.

What Sourcebooks and Literature are used?

We utilize the following books:
King Arthur Pendragon, 5.1
Book of the Manor
Book of Knights & Ladies
Book of the Entourage

These books are also helpful, but have not been used to date.
Book of Battle, 2nd edition.
Book of Armies
Book of the Estate

Players are asked to refrain from reading the campaign material available in other supplements or on the web, including the Great Pendragon Campaign and the Gamemaster’s Characters supplement. I will change it up enough to keep it unique, but who wants to spoil the fun?

If you play roleplaying games without your own hardcover you do not have my respect: (check in Arbitrary)

Hail the King

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