The medieval year is composed of 365 days, and the calendar used is the Juliens.


The seasons are the primary way by which individuals tell that the year is changing, for they do not concern themselves with specific calendar dates in many cases. Most “appointments” are made by the week, or for the month


March through May.


In Spring, a great court is held by the ruler of any county or kingdom. Most lords during this time will seek to visit their direct liege for court. If his liege has decided to venture to his own lord, then he is accompanied by his vassals to that destination. This is often known as Spring Court or Kings Court.


June through August.


This season serves as the primary season for war. Most counties and kingdoms will have secured themselves and their armies during the Spring and, having mustered, they will make their way to the enemy for raiding or battle. The common soldier has trained nearly all year for this opportunity, and is drawn to the battle by as much by his love of plunder and loot as for his country.


September through November.


This is a season of healing, and it is capped off by a large mustering and court to celebrate Christ’s birth. This yearly court is known as the Winter Court and begins at the end of November, carrying through until December 26th. Each lord will have his own winter court, as he dare not risk the weather, and thus this event is local.

This time is widely used by men to heal wounds from the previous battles, and for those lucky enough to not have wounds, this time is used as celebration. Any enemies from dispersed raids or battles are also sought after and disposed of, to prevent outlawry, during this time.


December through February.


Cold and bleak, this season is spent mostly indoors and awaiting the return of warmer weather. No one fights in the winter, for to do so would risk starvation and death from the elements.

This is also a time of family, of happiness, and of consoling ones self from the troubles of the past year. Winter in the dark ages can be harsh, and a family that is not prosperous can lose its young ones during these times of turbulent weather.

Winter is a time of gift giving as well, and Christmas court is always a pleasure. It is also a time when production is in high-gear as weapons and armor are needed for the coming summer.

All events which take part during this time are part of the Winter Phase.


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