This is the timeline of our historical campaign. Every year of the campaign has been referenced below, though player-altered events began in 485 AD.

The Time of the Romans

The Romans displaced the Britons, and ruled over the Cymri. We had government before them, but they brought the written word. They brought stonework. They brought armies. We suffered great atrocities are their hands, but they kept the savages of the North at bay.

Before 410 AD

The Time of Constantin’s reign

When the Roman’s told Britain to look to its own defenses against the Picts in 410 AD they elected Constantin to lead them. His reign was one of little peace, but law and order were maintained until his death in 440 AD.

410 AD, 411 AD, 412 AD, 413 AD, 414 AD, 415 AD, 416 AD, 417 AD, 418 AD, 419 AD, 420 AD, 421 AD, 422 AD, 423 AD, 424 AD, 425 AD, 426 AD, 426 AD, 428 AD, 429 AD, 430 AD, 431 AD, 432 AD, 433 AD, 434 AD, 435 AD, 436 AD, 437 AD, 438 AD, 439 AD, 440 AD

The Time of Constans’ reign

Betrayal by Silchestrians left the King dead, and while his son Constans was guaranteed to rule the political fight over his regency kept the realm from being organized. It was a time of great Pictish invasion.

441 AD, 442 AD

The Time of Vortigern’s reign

As regent, he was a natural choice to succeed his dead nephew and successfully pushed the Picts back beyond Hadrien’s wall but at the price of inviting Saxon mercenaries. To make peace, Vortigern married a chieftain’s daughter. Vortigern ruled from 443 AD when he was named King until his death in 467 AD, at the hands of Ambrosius and Uther.

443 AD, 444 AD, 445 AD, 446 AD, 447 AD, 448 AD, 449 AD, 450 AD, 451 AD, 452 AD, 453 AD, 454 AD, 455 AD, 456 AD, 457 AD, 458 AD, 459 AD, 460 AD, 461 AD, 462 AD, 463 AD, 464 AD, 465 AD, 466 AD, 467 AD

The Golden Years of Ambrosius’ reign

Claiming Vortigern as false-king and kinslayer, Ambrosius and his brother invaded from Brittany with a war host. Many bent the knee, Vortigern was vanquished, and the realm endured peace as Ambrosius fought back the Saxons to the borders of his realm. He ruled from 468 AD when he was crowned King until 480 AD when his wounds were mistreated by a false doctor.

468 AD, 469 AD, 470 AD, 471 AD, 472 AD, 473 AD, 474 AD, 475 AD, 476 AD, 477 AD, 478 AD, 479 AD, 480 AD

The Time of Uther’s reign

Uther was never meant to be a King, and he lacked the honor of his word. For his jealousy, there was civil war in the realm that Ambrosius had forged to peace. Uther did push the Saxons back, but the final year of his reign is marked by a major defeat. His reign lasted from 481 AD until his death by poison in 495 AD.

481 AD, 482 AD, 483 AD, 484 AD, 485 AD, 486 AD, 487 AD, 488 AD, 489 AD, 490 AD, 491 AD, 492 AD, 493 AD, 494 AD, 495 AD

The Time of Anarchy

Without a King the realm fought itself and many men attempted to claim the throne of all Britain. Saxon lords called themselves Brytenwalda while Welsh kings demanded that all must kneel. Ambrosius distant cousins in Brittany launched another invasion, but it was stopped in Jagent.

496 AD, 497 AD, 498 AD, 499 AD, 500 AD, 501 AD, 502 AD, 503 AD, 504 AD, 505 AD, 506 AD, 507 AD, 508 AD, 509 AD

The Time of Arthur

A young king with much hope, the realm rests all of its future on his dreams

510 AD, 511 AD, 512 AD, 513 AD, 514 AD, 515 AD, 516 AD


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