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If you want to help the Obsidian Portal wiki develop below are some suggestions in order of helpfulness. Remember that 99% of the information is just being transferred from Roll20’s journal system to Obsidian Portal.

>> Need Help?! <<

1. Add your own character, his family, and all people related to his/her village to Nobles & Rogues.
2. Add extended family you previously did not flesh out, such as distant cousins or children to Nobles & Rogues.
3. Fill out your household page, and find a way to link the above mentioned characters to that thread.
4. Add Salisbury loyal NPCs to Nobles & Rogues.
5. Add Arthur loyal NPCs to Nobles & Rogues.
6. Add all other NPC categories to Nobles & Rogues.
7. Add “Events” to the Codex.
8. Add any House Rules or other Pages to the Codex.
9. Flesh out your village page (different from your House page), put links to the various buildings and improvements. Make your village’s page a living/breathing place.

Main Page

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