House Sherrington




Just a short distance from the river, Wyley, Sherrington’s lush lands sit slightly off of the main road leading to Sarum from the West. Having fallen upon hard times as of late, no manor is visible, though most other buildings still remain. The income from the sheep herds has carried the village through the chaos of Saxon raids.

Reeve. Agros

Priest. Father Fane

Captain of the Levy. Delwyn

Eldest Living Member: Lillian, Lady of Salisbury
Current Heir: Pebwyn, Lord of Newton and Her Attendant Lands, Banneret
House Saying: “There can be no justice so long as laws are absolute.” Some guy named P. Card

Heads of Family

XX AD – XX AD : Sir Maldwyn (Founding Member)
431 AD – 440 AD : Sir Griffin
440 AD – 460 AD : Lady Seren (Regent)
460 AD – 484 AD : Sir Godric
484 AD – 495 AD : Sir Lucus (Regent)
495 AD – 507 AD : Lady Rowena
507 AD – 515 AD : Lady Elayne
515 AD – Current : Sir Pebwyn

Family Tree

Family tree

Family traits

Men’s trait: Never forgets a face

Women’s gift: Beauty (+10 to appearance)

Passions: Hatred of Saxons (23)

Traits: (men)

Traits: (women)

Traits: (both) Just, Generous


Household Legend

Maldwyn, second son of Trent, worked as a levyman at Ebble Keep. One evening, he overheard a small group quietly discussing a tactical plan for an upcoming battle, and, wanting to learn as much as possible about strategy, he drew closer to the discussion.

He saw a group of knights talking about how inept the Earl is in combat and how, if they follow the Earl’s plan, they were certain of defeat. The opposing force of Saxons was, in their opinion, far greater in numbers, and the Earl’s plan would be certain to fail.

Maldwyn shook his head and turned to walk away, but then he overheard these knights devising their own plan, a plan that countermanded the Earl’s orders. Not only this, but Maldwyn was certain that this plan would cost many lives while protecting the interests of these knights.

Knowing the Earl would soon come to the keep with his troops, Maldwyn set out that day to intercept him. When he did, Maldwyn informed the Earl of the plot and those involved with it. Upon arriving at the keep, the Earl arrested the conspirators. As a result, the Earl knighted Maldwyn, adding him to his retinue.

Two years later, the Lord of Sherrington died, leaving no heirs to carry on the estate. Remembering Sir Maldwyn’s loyalty, the Earl appointed him Lord of Sherrington.

House Sherrington

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