House Laverstock



Eldest Living Member:Rhodri Riverson
Current Heir:Vagn Laverstock
House Saying:“Ever onward. Ever upward. Ever ready.”

Heads of Family

435 AD – 445 AD : Sir Leywel

445 AD – 460 AD : Sir Cynrain

460 AD – 486 AD : Sir Adtherp

486 AD – 495 AD : Sir Gwyn

495 AD – Present : Sir Herlews

Family Tree

Family tree

Family traits

Men’s trait: Excellent Voice

Women’s gift: Natural Healer

Passions: Love of Family, Loyalty to the King

Traits: (men) Energetic, Temperance, Valorous

Traits: (women) Chaste, Generous

Traits: (both): Prudent


Land Holdings: The village of Laverstock is a sprawling collection of well kept farmhouses and fields. It sits on the banks of the river Ford, and has 2 fine stone bridges leading into the cobbled thoroughfare, that curves from the bridges into the north and south gates. No road in Laverstock is poor, even the peasants byways are hard packed and maintained carefully, paved with smooth riverstones throughout, and lined with wood to reinforce them. The village itself boasts a Joiner, Carpenter and Smithy, a bustling apiary, one of the finest sets of Kennels in Salisbury, and a young orchard of Black Cherry trees. The manor house is exquisite, and much improved. It is a three story stone and wood structure, with a lead roof. The grounds feature fine coneygarth, a Dovecote is built into the second floor, with a small staircase leading directly into the kitchens. The grand hall also boasts a Scriptorum, and 5 books have been written and bound there, some with work by Lord Herlews himself. Further into the town are the Bakery, Church, Mill and fishing docks.

Castles and other Structures:None

Household Legend

Great Grandfather Leywel was born in 410 AD, and was raised to knighthood in 431 by the Count Reginald of Salisbury, under the authority of King Constantin. He witnessed the first dark tides drawing into England, in the form of Picts and Barbarians to the north, and German invaders to the south. He died shortly before his son Cynrain was knighted, of the pox.

Cynrain fought at the battle of Carlion and lived, and fought the influence of Saint Germanus, staying true to his father’s British Christian roots. He was also a vocal opponent of Vortigern and his ilk, and his marrying of Rowena only soured his belly for his lord further. With a heavy heart he marched against Vortigern’s enemies at Kent, and died in battle, never seeing his people leave for Brittany in droves.

His son, Adtherp, was knighted in 460, and began a storied career. The first to be landed, he married into the lands of Laverstock, and became its Patriarch. He set about having sons, Gwyn, Herlews, Neddig and Uwain, and was outraged at the night of Long knives, losing his uncle and brother. He became very close with his surviving sibling, his bastard brother Cadwallon, and saw fit to legitimize and raise him to knighthood, with his own line to carry under the name. Both fought at the siege of Carlion, and lived. Both were present at the burning of Vortigern, and the crowning of Aurelius Ambrosius the Magnificent as high King of Britain. Both fought in the hectic defeat at Windsor, and lived to tell the tale. They continued on to sail with the High King himself to Frisia, and defeated the Barbarians there. Adtherp was present at the battle of Menevia, and the funeral of the High King afterward at Stonehenge. Both bore witness to Uther’s coronation. Adtherp was killed at the battle of Deira, and his eldest son Gwyn became the head of the house.

He fought well, and was given the honor of attending the feast of St. Albans with the Earl himself, and was killed there in the poisoning. His brother, Herlews, is now the patriarch, and has a son by his wife Eira, Vagn.

House Laverstock

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