House Bodenham



Eldest Living Member: Daryn Of Bodenham
Landed Knight of Bodenham Bartholomew Of Bodenham
Current Heir: Cadell Of Bodenham
House Saying: “Family above all Else.”

Knights of House Bodenham:
Bartholomew Of Bodenham
Cadell Of Bodenham
Brys Of Bodenham
Pedr Of Bodenham
Daryn Of Bodenham
Blair Of Bodenham

Ladies of House Bodenham:
Carwyn Of Bodenham
Mairwen Of Bodenham
Nessa Of Bodenham
Lewella Of Bodenham
Blodeuyn Of Bodenham
Silvia Of Bodenham
Glaw Of Bodenham

Other Notable People:
Edgar Of Bodenham – The Merchant
Padrig Of Bodenham – The Priest
Cefin Of Bodenham – Captain of the Men At Arms
Richard Of Bodenham – Reave
Edyin – Weaponsmith
Maldwyn of Bodenham – Men At Arms
Folk of Bodenham without pages yet

Heads of Family

516AD – 516AD : Bartholomew “The Traitor”, Esquire of Wessex
516 AD – XYZ * : Cadell, Lord Regent of Bodenham

Family Tree

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h1. Family traits

Men’s gift: Good with birds
Women’s gift:
Traits: (men)
Traits: (women)
Traits: (both)


The village of Bodenham

Household Legend

The House of Bodenham was founded by the Roman Equite by the name of Flavius who was quite Roman in his custom for a local Cymric. When the Romans finalized there withdrawal from Britain, Flavius started to use his local Cymric name more so than his Latin name that the Romans had given him, he reverted to his local name of Tudor and from there he set forward to marry a local girl whose name has been lost, and he kept his family safe in the Village of Bodenham where his family kept a manor.

It was there that Tudor swore his oaths to the first Lord of Salisbury to help him keep order and then he sat forth to building a family, but with what seemed a horrible twist of fate most of wife’s children were born stillborn, Tudor was beset with grief and he sought the blessing of every fertility rite in the old ways but with none of them seeming to grant him the blessing and his wife upcoming her fifth pregnancy in their marriage, he went to the Catholic church and gave confession and swore to god that he would bring Bodenham and his family to the Catholic church if this child would live, and with what appeared to Tudor as the blessing of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost the young Peter was born, he of course gave his son the Celtic name of Saint Peter, and thus Pedr’s story begin. The young boy Pedr would grow up with the blessing of the Church and the care of his Father.


The Dead of House Bodenham:
Alec of Bodenham
Cain of Bodenham
Edward of Bodenham
Seimon Of Bodenham

House Bodenham

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