The home of House Cholderton.

Cholderton rests nestled between the mighty Bourne river and Chute forest, where production of lumber is high, and access to the waterway increases mill output. Strategically removed off the beaten path, Cholderton does not traditionally experience much misfortune, but these are trying times; little is safe from the saxon savages.

Reeve: Pabo

Captain of the Levy: Arvor

Priest: Father Anyon

Other Citizens:
Sni, a young child recently enslaved by Saxons
Adda, the shepherd from Newton
Sven, the son of the Reeve
Leofric, Sergeant at arms

Notable Structures
Cholderton has a mighty three-story stone manor that houses many of the family, with a smaller structure in the courtyard for guests.

There are two large sheep herds roaming the countryside near Cholderton to the south.

Not far from the Manor house is a Jousting list that is tended to. This boasts a rather spectacular view of the river Bourne for those watching any events, though it is mostly used to train the knights of Cholderton in honing their skills with a lance. It is said that Eynon has a peculiar fondness for the joust after he experienced one in Cornwall.

Though small, Cholderton boasts a strengthening economy with the recent acquisition of two sheep herds, who were turned loose to graze in pastures south of the town. The village proper has a small church. A mill sits next to the river, recently rebuilt after a fire destroyed the roof. A bakery along the path through town fills the air with the aroma of fine baked bread early each morning. Levy men, as of late, seem on alert for threats after the recent attack by bandits who kidnapped Lady Tagan. Rising into the sky next to the town, the newly constructed three-story stone manor creates a stunning example of masonry and craft.


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