516 AD

A small Saxon band struck in the north east of Salisbury, kidnapping a Lady of Cholderton. She was quickly recovered, and the Saxon threat in brewing in Kimpton was dispersed. It was learned that there was a threat looming in the north at the headwaters of the Bourne River.

To War!
The King has mustered his forces in Carlion, but when the group of knights from Salisbury arrived everyone was in a panic; the King rode forth without his men. The army marched quickly to catch up with their King and met him in Lincoln. As the war began, the King found that he was outmaneuvered in Malahut, being pushed back by the invaders. Later the same night, a decisive blow was struck by Athur against the invaders, sending them running, though they retreated to a fort that could not be sieged. The group headed south for the rest of the year, intent on recovering and gaining more forces to fight in the coming Spring.

While away at war, the county was defended flawlessly by Lord Marshal Tathal, who routed a force from Wessex with few losses. It was said to be a testament to his skill, though some questioned his fore knowledge of this event.

Eirian of Sherrington was kidnapped by Tyson of Berwick and ended up in the hands of Svetti, the tax collector. Tyson also kidnapped Leget of Berwick, whom he sees as the rightful heir of Berwick St. James. He severely injured Miles of Berwick in the process. Eirian was eventually kidnapped by Svetti’s men at the Giant’s Dance, and brought to Imber, where she was ward of Svetti until he commanded that Guntramn take the girl away. He took her towards Wells, where she was temporarily rescued by Gilmere of Salisbury. However, Guntramn recovered her and they made their way to Hantonne, where Eirian became a ward to the court of King Cerdic for a payment of forty Libre.

Sir Herlews looked forward to the passing of time so that he could see both his love, and justice for his brother’s murder at the winter court. He was part of the group sent to Corgas to route out the Saxon threat there. During this time, he was accused of negligence leading to the death of Leofran, a former Noble of Salisbury held captive by the Saxons. Later, Sir Herlews levied a charge of Kinslayer against Lord Tathal, saying that he believed Tathal organized the death of his son or intended to kill Herlews. Later in private, Herlews was awarded patents for the land of Corgas, and offered a stipend to build a strong fort there.

Pebwyn searched furiously for Eirian, and when all seemed lost, a note arrived in Sarum that indicated she was previously in Imber, so a contingent of knights set out to seek and destroy Svetti. It was later learned that Eirian had been there, but was sent away. He fought bravely at Corgas. His uncle, while defending the Leofran the noble, was severely injured. Justice came later when he healed and spoke in court against his attackers; Geyr of house Seend and Marc of Cholderton.

Eynon fought at Corgas, finding proof of Cerdic working with the Saxons in the north. He was accused by Tathal for freeing a prisoner who was then accused of attacking Leofran. After Corgas, Eynon followed up leads to find Disni and Eirian both by starting in Stonehenge, where Svetti was known to communicate.. What he got was the body of Lord Tathal’s son. It was immediately suggested that Eynon was responsible for his death, though this was dismissed. Both Eynon and Tathal accused each other of working with Svetti, and the Earl saw justice on them both.

Sir Miles was attacked and injured by Tyson after returning to Berwick to act as Regent, a title he had become all to familiar with. In the process, Leget of Berwick, a claimant to the Lordship of the town, was kidnapped. After recovering, Tyson had to deal with the Lord of Stapleford. He needed their help, and Leget, to them, was family. They were more than happy to help as the insinuation was that Berwick would one day be a vassal of Stapleford. Miles was asked to participate in the search for Tathal after the Lord Marshal refused to report to a summons by the Earl.

Sir Bartholomew of Bodenham attempted a ruse to curry favor with Svetti by acting like a bandit and attacked the village of Falt, burning it and releasing actual criminals into the populace. He was hunted down by Sir Herlews, Sir eynon, and Sir Miles. Once tried, he was banished for a year and a day. Durning his banishment, he found his way to Imber with a leper, where he was captured by Lord Tathal after saving a small child. He witnessed Svetti die as well as Prospero and Disni. He managed to escape, and started to find his way towards Hantonne, where he was captured by Sir Niclas of Buckholt.

As winter set in, the group find themselves in Sarum for winter.
The Earl married the Lady Uffingham of Marlboro, in a great ceremony.
News arrived that Levcomagus was besieged by Saxons from the south, causing great concern. The Earl decided to appoint a new Marshal in light of this event; Sir Trigg. Miles was asked to be Deputy Marshal, and he accepted.

Bartholomew was captured in Wessex and taken as prisoner to Hantonne, where he swore fealty to the King Cerdic.

Eirian has been presented with many gifts and boons, soon asked to swear fealty to the King. She swore fealty to King Cerdic.

516 AD

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