Hail the King

The Session of 4-7-2016

516 continued,

The Session of 3-31-2016!

516 continued,

The Session of 3-24-2016!

516 continued, Eirians captor was no Tyson of Berwick. This man released her, but she found herself in the custody of men loyal to Svetti when she was sent eastward from Tyson. Soon her journey took her west and to Svetti's home. There she learned of Disni's fate, as well as others. There too, she met Guntramn for the first time.

Herlew's began to enact plans to hurt his rival, but recognized his position was tenuous. Despite this, Herlews famed bravery (except in the company of Dragons!) would keep him from ever backing down from a fight. He realized now however that despite his position as Marshal the man could not be defeated with open blows as Herlews was used to. This would require cunning. It would require craft. And so Herlew's began to make great use of his witch.

The Session of 3-17-2016!

516 continued, following the success at Corgas treachery and betrayal left the people of the fort questioning their allegiances. Bartholomew of Bodenham swore to serve Tathal as his champion in court only hours after Herlews and Eynon began to believe that Tathal had organized Leofran's murder.

Herlew's and his giant prisoner found themselves receiving the blame, but the details that were seen by witnesses offer a great deal of hope for the future even if it does provide implications for Herlews now.

We learned too that Eirian had been kidnapped from the holdfast of Berwick, St James where Miles acts as regent. Miles would later recount that it was Tyson of Berwick who fought him and kidnapped a young Berwick boy. In her bravery and recklessness, Eirian had ridden out after the kidnapper and was now gone herself.

The Session of 3-10-2016!

516 continued, and we had private moments with the Earl after his injury hunting. Thankfully, he was alright. We learned more about the Saxon threat and we took over their fortress in the north, Corgas with plans to ambush a returning party. Perhaps one of our most important achievements was the rescue of Leofran.

Two Year Anniversary of the campaign!

We have now been playing the campaign for 731 days, and with so much story and good content and memories to be made. I hope you all have enjoyed the campaign as much as I have. To me our weekly pendragon games are more than tabletop, but also a fun time to get together with a consistent group of awesome people. You guys and the drama you create and the consistency to allow for in the story is what makes the game so enjoyable to me.

The Session of 2-25-2016!

We wander through 516 AD, and return from the King’s war a broken people. Arthur’s leadership failed us in the battle against the Saxons and they now hold all of Malahut. Ethfrida is in exile, staying now at the King’s court in London where he winters. Arthur is furious with his loss, but his anger is for his people and not for his pride. He is a good king.

Now returned home we must deal with new threats to Salisbury. Lord Tathal’s forces heroically defeated the saxons west of Levcomagus, but the details of this battle remain unclear. Tathal’s victory however has made him the hero of Salisbury and recently named marshall…a snub to the castellan of Ebble, Herlews. Herlews believes Tathal has undermined him, and publicly defied the Earl for his choice.

Is lord tathal the threat, or is the saxons to the north? Salisbury has become so inundated with saxons following Tathal’s victory that the realm must do something about them and something about Sveti. Lord Cholderton, and the brother of Sir Jaernen, will see to that.

The Session of 2-18-2016!

We wander through 516 AD, and head north to fight the King’s war. We leave friends in the south to protect our homes against a recently uncovered threat…

Robbie Martin joined the group!
On this day in history, Robbie joined us for his first session!

He began playing Bartholomew “The Chaste”, Lord of Bodenham.

Introduction of Obsidian Portal!
Our first session using this new wiki!

This marks the date of our first session utilizing this new obsidian portal wiki. While I am sure it will not be perfect overnight, I am hopeful that a collaborative effort will allow us to have a wiki so rich that our story can reach new levels of complexity.

This covered the year of 516 AD.


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