Wulfstan, Outlaw of Kimpton

An outlaw of Salisbury, and a kidnapper.


Wulfstan is a respected warrior and raider, and until recently he was second in command of a host of Saxons under Aegelswith numbering at least 25. Not much is known of their arrival in Salisbury, but the testimony of Idrasil to Earl Robert’s court was that they came by boat to Kimpton in 514 AD.

Together with Aelfgar, he kidnapped the Lady of Cholderton in 515 AD. Little was known about this man at the time but one of the villagers of Cholderton who witnessed the event said they heard the man shout in Saxon tongue, and take a prisoner.

He was killed in 516 AD in an ambush by forces led by Tathal, Lord of DeVizes

Famous Trait: Cruel, Lustful
Glory: 2,200


Wulfstan, Outlaw of Kimpton

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