Tyson, Outlaw of Salisbury

Uncle of Sir Tybalt, Former knight of Salisbury


Born 462 AD
Father: Tylon, Former Head of Berwick St. James
Mother: Bethan, Lady of Berwick St. James

Famous Traits: Chaste, Forgiving, Spiritual, Modest, Temperate, Deceitful.
Famous Passions: Love(Family), Love(God)


Tyson is a monk of Salisbury from the village of Berwick St. James, his family’s home which was gained during the time of his father, Tylon. He is a devout Christian who believes that all of Britain’s evils would be solved if it would accept Christ. Tyson has seen his family’s rise and fall thanks to, what he believes, is evil witchcraft and pagan spirits. He was a Knight of Salisbury, and quite skilled, before joining the priesthood. He had not been seen in many years and was believed dead until his nephew whom he once taught, Tybalt the Younger, revealed he was alive in the north.

In 515, Tyson was found by his nephew Tybalt and a group of knights from Salisbury who were charged with bringing him back to Salisbury for questioning. A skirmish occurred where Tyson deftly defeated his nephew and severely wounded Sir Eynon’s squire. He was allowed to leave to avoid any further bloodshed.

In 516, after the death of his nephew Tybalt and the exile of his other nephew Florence, Tyson returned to Berwick and vowed to stay and help the regent Sir Miles with his duties. However, a dispute with Father Tristram over a seemingly pagan festival and Miles support of said festival led Tyson to inform Miles he was leaving Berwick with both Leget and Avavon, the two eldest of Tybalt the Younger’s sons. In light of the attempted kidnapping, Miles challenged Tyson to a duel but was easily defeated by the superior skill of Tyson, however Tyson left Miles alive.

Tyson, Outlaw of Salisbury

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