Tudor, Son of Miles

First son of Sir Miles


Born 505

Father- Miles, Regent of Berwick St. James
Mother- Elfswhit, Lady of Berwick

First son of Miles and Elfswhit, Tudor is younger than his sister Mara but is fiercely protective of her and acts as her protector when they are close by in Sarum. Blond of hair like his sister Tudor prefers to keep his hair in an Anglian style with it short on the top and shaved in the back. The fact that he is half Anglian and that he wears that fact as a badge of family honor, has garnered him a few enemies among the pages at court and has also lead to several brawls among the pages.

Tudor’s love for books and knowledge mirrors the intensity of his father’s especially within the realm of fairie lore and Christian relics, such as the fabled Holy Grail, in which Tudor wholeheartedly believes his father set eyes on during his journey in the Forest Sauvage.


Tudor, Son of Miles

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