Tathal, Lord of DeVizes

Castellan of DeVizes and Patriarch of House Seend.


Tathal is the castellan of Devizes, a position he inherited from his father. His family is powerful, and he is incredibly ambitious. He shares a mother with Fagan of Buckholt, as his mother remarried after his father’s death. He had a brother by his father as well, Tathas. His eldest son and heir is Tathalred. Though Tathal is a christian, he keeps in his company an old druid which advises him named Cigfran. He is often seen in the company of Vastigern, and his squire Edda.

Famous Trait: Energtic, Pride**, Worldly, Vengeful.
Famous Passion: Loyalty (Lord), Hospitality
Glory: 9,650.


Tathal, Lord of DeVizes

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