Svetti, Outlaw of Salisbury

A very succesful brigand leader known as "the Tax Collector".


Svetti is said to have a large band of cymri and saxon brigands.

Svetti is a half-saxon brigand whom has taken up residence in Salisbury. Infamously, he is known as the “tax collector”. His home and location is unknown, and he serves as a major thorn in the side of Salisbury’s rulers and people. He is notable for recruiting children and adults alike into his thievery. He robs anyone along the roads and distributes the wealth among his band. To keep the locals quiet during these times of chaos, it is said he gives them some of his earnings to keep quiet on his whereabouts. He appears to be in his forties, and it is suspected he was born around 475 AD.

His band has been plaguing Salisbury since 499 AD. He is the known murderer of Yestin and the known kidnapper of Lady Disni. He is suspected to be working with a band of saxons. A very quiet man is often seen in his presence, accompanying him.

Famous Traits: Energetic, Deceitful.
Famous Passions: Loyalty (Vassals)



Svetti is believed to have died in a fire at the village of Imber.

Svetti, Outlaw of Salisbury

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