Cadell, Lord of Bodenham

The New Lord of Bodenham, who will restore the Honour of his House.


Birth Date: 495
Height: 5’ 8"
Weight: 160 lbs

Famous Traits: Energetic
Famous Passions: Love Alis “Princess”, Lady of Sauvage
Glory: 1150

Skill in 516: 11


Squire: Adda the Squire of Cadell
Cousin, Hunter: Heulog Of Bodenham
Cadell is the firstborn in a set of identical twins and they have always been inseparable and seem to work best together, they squired to a Rich Knight of Salisbury together and they have always worked hand in hand with each other. Cadell has always been more of a Lancer while his Brother Brys was a man of the Sword which has often lead to them covering for each other’s weaknesses and helping to provide a counterbalance when they needed it most. Together they make a rather fierce team on the battlefield.

With the many disgraces of Bartholomew and foolish mistakes he made the young Cadell had to quickly move on from spending time with his brother Brys and his sister Mairwen to start to step up and act in his role as regent. He had many issues of trying to handle it all but kept Bodenham lawful and safe. He felt bad for Bartholomew’s mistakes and hoped to fix the mistakes he had made and make Bodenham a great house again. He swore that he would restore the Honour of the House of Bodenham. With a lack of leadership for the House of Bodenham, the young Cadell and the elderly Daryn of Bodenham began to debate over each other for the right of regent. This issue was brought before the Earl, where the Stoic Cadell won out over the impassioned Daryn who was made the Sheriff of the South under the New Lord Marshall Trigg.

As the year 517 begin to set in for the young Cadell he soon found that he was involved in plans to prepare the defense of Salisbury where he spoke with the Lord Marshall Trigg of Tisbury and suggested that all the ships along the southern stretch of the River Avon be seized to create a minor dam to slow a Saxon Advance along the River Avon, this along with other people’s constant worrying about the south lead the Marshall Trig to misjudge the risk of Southern attacks and give the Earl inaccurate advice which for the Earl’s choice to not aid in the liberation of Levcomagus has lead to the land being stripped from Salisbury and given to our neighbor Silchester. Now the Entire Army of the Earl and all the forces Salisbury can bring to munster march to join the King’s host in the campaign of the North and prove that they truly are reliable bannerman to the King as this belief has been shaken by the recent affair.

As Lord Regent Cadell goes North he brings with him the Knights of Bodenham, being Sir Brys of Bodenham, Sir Pedr of Bodenham, Sir Daryn Of Bodenham, Sir Seimon Of Bodenham, and last but not least Sir Blair Of Bodenham. Also hailing from the House of Bodenham would be Cefin Of Bodenham, Heulog Of Bodenham and the well armored Mairwen Of Bodenham, which for a woman to march to battle was odd but to leave a woman like Mariwen behind from battle would be worse for the life span of the Lord Regent Cadell.

On this campaign the Lord Regent brought great shame to himself before the eyes of the earl, in a mix of his own excitement, fear and foolish youthful energy he nearly destroyed a diplomatic message that had been sent to the earl that he had been tasked with reading, this brought him a great feeling of melancholy and such a blow to his pride mounted atop the fear of Saxons and Magic that was developing in this young man was a horrible blow to his confidence.

Following a mixture of Fear, Shame and Homesickness Madness struck a cord in the young Cadell, who now firmly believes that he was bewitched by some foul magic of the demons that exist in the Dark of the Nights and in his own madness he fought against Sir Herlews of Laverstock, Sir Pebwyn of Newton and many more good knights and in his own madness the curse spread to the good and honorable Sir Pebwyn, which to the young Cadell was proof he was simply a pawn in some foul Demon’s game to corrupt good knights. Cadell has sworn to always remain stoic and vigilant against such foul witch craft for now and forevermore in hopes of never allowing such a slip to occur again.

On the campaign North Lord Regent Cadell was enlisted by his fellow Knights on a mission for the King Arthur Pendragon to attempt a search for the Mighty Demon Wizard Merlin, and the Great Round Table Knight, Sir Baelorn of Newton. On this most Critical Quest in hopes of redeeming the the lost faith that was once held in him as a competent and able bodied man he joined his fellow Knights on this mission into the lands of Demonic and Evil magic in hopes of finding the Good Demon Merlin who may be able to help them in the war and the Honourable Round Table Knight, Sir Baelorn of Newton. Along with him of his own household was the rather odd and peculiar Blair of Bodenham who is also on a mission to rise above his station and bring honour to himself and his namesake of an Uncle Blair, Lord of Bodenham who died at the Battle of Saint Albans in 495.

In the forest Sauvage on the King’s quest for the Demon-Wizard Merlin and the Great Round Table Knight Sir Baelorn of Newton, the youthful Cadell saw many horrors and wonders in the lands of magic. He saw hostile little pests who fired loads of arrow at him and his compatriots and even gave the Lord Pebwyn of Newton a minor wound to the leg. After the horrors of magic struck hard and had nearly killed his fellow Knight Sir Eynon with a Sword in the Stone in the Lake they found, this eventually lead the company of Knights to the Elven City of Glass, where magic was directly exposed to the young Cadell who held great fear of this place. Though the Kindness of the Princess Alis softened his view on the field of magic and they shared many romantic glances together, he had sworn to fight in her name against the Usurper Lord Mortal, the Brother of the King Fisher. This was part of the swift romance that formed between this human Knight and this Elven Princess, their loved was fanned by Sir Cadell’s poor poetry attempts with the aid of his fellow Knight Sir Eynon. Together they attempted to construe a love poem to preach the safety and good times that were to come to the lands of Albion. In all Kingdoms of Man and Faye. In that evening the Princess snuck into the room of the young Cadell who in his surprise spurred her advances seeking to know who it was and why she was here, his brain ran at million miles an hour when he followed after the woman who kissed him and when he noticed a piece of paper he assumed it was a letter, the poem he sent the princess. With this he sought after the Princess and found her and upon their second meeting they both engulfed into the passions of the night and this young Knight gave his virginity to an Elven Princess. This Chaste Human’s heart had been conquered by an Elven Princess. He swore to her that he’d return to her one day when he made his way to continue the quest for the King Arthur at the urging of the diligent Sir Eynon, but due to the Command of Sir Pebwyn he was unable to give his final goodbye to his first love in person.

The Company of Knights made their way out of the Glass City to provide aid to the Fisher King against his rebellious brother the Lord Mortal. During their time in the Glass City they met with a mysterious knight who Cadell never properly caught the name of along the journey. It was on this journey Cadell felt he may not truly be ready to be the Lord of Bodenham, their were great trials of chivalry in the Forest of Sauvage that were required to reach the Castle of Joy, home of the Fisher King. He never made it their but his allies did, the Esquire Phyllip who served the Lord Pebwyn, and the good Knight Sir Eynon was trapped with him, he truly became a drag on his fellow knight here as he was unable for the longest time to pass this test of chivalry. It took many tries and further was reasoning for Cadell to further doubt himself as the true Lord of Bodenham.

Cadell felt the pain of starvation hit him quite hard during the final leg of this horrid adventure so his memories of leaving the Demonic Forest are slim and his mind was exhausted and was met with an even harder trip of endurance, they had to ride at fast if they were to regroup with the King and Cadell and his fellow knights were put to the test and they all held strong making it in time to join the King for coming Battle of Lincoln.

The Lord-Regent Cadell fought in the Battle of Lincoln in 517 of the year of our Lord, he fought alongside his fellow knights through much of the battle and then upon the capturing of a prisoner on the battlefield some Saxon warrior. As the Knights started to escort the prisoner away, Cadell broke rank and he road to join the brigade of archers who he had trained and prepared for this battle. He could not abandon them and he faltered in some part but eventually he got the men organized and lead them into the battlefield to fight. They were archers being told to use melee weapons and were grossly unprepared it was a sad event and they took decent casualties but far less than they would have if Cadell had not joined them in the field. He had met this company earlier in the year at the planning as they took the worst lots of people from each village and started to train them into a brigade of Archers on behalf of the Earl and now a few months later they had won their first victory.

After the looting was done and prisoners taken, Cadell made a few of them angry with the prevention of raping the Saxon woman that were found, and this lead to issues, arguments and half a dozen peasant soldiers betraying the trust of the Lord-Regent Cadell. When the Lord-Regent’s sister came to visit she was accosted by men of the Archer Brigade that Cadell himself had taught, who only by the grace of the Holy Father were unable to molest his little sister.

He felt many bouts of passionate rage which seem to run in the House of Bodenham but Cadell has always regretted them as when he loses himself to his passions in the service to the Earl or among his Fellow Nobles he only further disgraces the House of Bodenham and he strives to halt this dishonorable tenacity of the House of Bodenham

Cadell, Lord of Bodenham

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