Sigeberht, Knight of Wessex

A knight in service to King Cerdic.


This half-saxon, half-cymri stands towering over most men and has a demeanor intended to intimidate. He is unlikely to run from a fight. He has many scars and cuts along his face, neck, arms and hands. The tip of one of his fingers on his left hand is missing. He has fought well.

Sigeberht is a knight in service to King Cerdic. His family were Saxons who had been brought to the island of Britain by the King’s father, Vortigern. They were eventually given land in the south and knighted. For generations Sigeberht’s family has lived in “Wessex” even before it was known as such. They were one of the few families not to rise up against the King when Ambrosius invaded, and one of the many to support Cerdic when his ships landed on Wessex shores.

Years on and Sigeberht is the most recent member of his house to serve the House Gwessi. Though he is merely a household knight his skill and brutality is renowned.

Some time before 516 AD he was placed in Gotsham to act in matters of defense and justice.

Famous Trait: Arbitrary, Valorous.
Famous Passion: Hate (House Pendragon), Loyalty (House Gwessi), Honor.


Sigeberht, Knight of Wessex

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