Robert, Earl of Salisbury

Earl of Salisbury


Earl Robert is a young man, newely knighted and invested as Count of Salisbury. The desperate times of the anarchy have prepared him for his role, and he has been forged by the experiences of himself and those around him. He is a handsome man, but youthful and resembles his mother most. His eyes are strikingly similar to that of his departed father.

He is the son of Earl Roderick and Lady Ellen. He currently has two squires, chief among them is Rhiryd, then Abba. He lives superlatively.

Cadfael is his chief servant and steward.

Born 485 AD.

Famous Traits: Energetic, Valorous, Arbitrary.
Famous Passions: Loyalty (Arthur), Hatred (Saxons).
Glory: 3,820.


Robert, Earl of Salisbury

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