Pebwyn, Lord of Newton and Her Attendant Lands, Banneret

Lord of Newton, First Son of Baelorn and Rowena


Pebwyn is the eldest son of Lady Rowena and Sir Baelorn, lord marshal. He appears to be around the age of 21; however, he was born in 500 A.D. He was squired to the Earl Robert, with whom he developed a close bond. Upon the tragic death of his brother, Sir Jaernen, Pebwyn was knighted into status as banneret of Newton, Sherrington, and Deerford. He is wed to Lady Glesig, and thereby has come into the lands of Horton in the north of Salisbury. Birth Year: 500 (495 by appearance) Famous Traits: Energetic, Generous, Deceitful, Just, Modest, Suspicious, Valorous Famous Passions: Honor, Love (Family), Hate (Cyneric)*, Loyalty (Arthur), Fealty, Homage, Loyalty (Followers) entourage.png

My squire: Cadarn

My tutors: Neued, tutor of Chivalric values and honesty, and Magnolfo of Sardinia, aged tutor of horsemanship, swordsmanship, and lance.

My household knights: Sir Ffwc, and Sir Albricht , Sir Gaern, Sir Cyrni, Sir Pasgen

My vassal: Sir Uther and his chosen men


My Esquire: Phylip


Pebwyn, Lord of Newton and Her Attendant Lands, Banneret

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