Osneg, Seer of House Laverstock


Osneg is a free woman of Berwick St. James and widow of an influential levyman named Corig. Corig died some years before, but his position in the village brought Osneg respect despite her religion. She acted as a speaker in Berwick St. James for the pagan minority and it is said that she is in touch with “all those undesirables, outlaws, and hooligans” beyond the village edge. Her two young sons, Corig and Cerdic both manage the affairs of the farms for their mother.

Famous Trait: Suspicious.


Osneg and her sons were able to escape the purge of the pagan Berwick led by Florence “the Exile”, Outlaw of Salisbury. She now resides in Laverstock under the protection of Herlews, Lord of Laverstock.

Osneg, Seer of House Laverstock

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