Nerthaid, Lord of Wessex

Patriarch of a powerful cymri house which serves the King Cerdic


Nerthaid is lord of Woltsham, and below him exist three vassal knights. He is a powerful lord, and a Cymri by birth. Like many of the lords of Wessex, his household has adopted some saxon ways in order to thrive. His house bent the knee to Cerdic when he invaded this land and killed the former Earl. Nerthaid is known to be an honorable man, loyal to his father and know the King Cerdic. He is known to have a love of his family, and young children.

His family held Lady Alis as a distant cousin and she visited with them on several occasions even after Cerdic’s invasion and they received her with great hospitality and kindness.

He was born in 468 AD.

Famous Trait: Generous, Merciful, Valorous, Reckless.
Famous Passion: Honor, Love (Family), Loyalty (Lord), Hospitality.


Nerthaid, Lord of Wessex

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