Miles, Regent of Berwick St. James


Born 475AD
Wife- Elfswhit (505- )

505- Mara
505- Tudor
508- Obie
509- Caddoc
511- Cadan
517- Seren

Famous Traits- Spiritual, Valorous
Famous Passions- Honor*, Loyalty (Lord), Loyalty (Homage), Hospitality, Love (Family), Loyalty (Arthur), Hate (King Lot)


Squire: Danemond

Sir Miles was completely content with his posh life in Sarum castle as one of Countess Ellen’s personal guard. One day however, the Countess “rewarded” Sir Miles by giving him regency over the manor of Berwick St. James. Struck by the backwoods appearance and the lack of lifestyle he had become accustomed to, Sir Miles has had trouble adjusting to his new position. Sir Miles does however find solace is his books and his knowledge of lore and religion along with his literacy has made him quite a learned knight among his Salisbury peers.

During his tenure as regent Sir Miles has quickly improved his knightly abilities. His lazy nature fell away and his combat skills improved, however his thirst for knowledge has continued.

During the year 505, Sir Miles was captured and enslaved by Saxons in Anglia. While there he witnessed the plight of Christian slaves and went through several life changing events. After his escape, Sir Miles lost a part of himself including his long blonde hair and now carries a slave brand seared into his neck as a reminder of his failure and his enslavement.

In the year 508, while serving as one of King Nanteleod’s honor guard, Sir Miles was mortally wounded during the Battle of Netley Marsh. He survived only through his squires miraculous first aid and his ability to evade Saxon parties on the way back to Sarum. During that winter the Saxon besieged and took the city of Sarum. The next year, Sir Miles undertook a secret mission to London to discover the plans for the tourney to determine the new King of Britain. Arriving back in Sarum after its completion and in a moment of pride, Sir Miles stood up to Prince Cynric in front of the entire court of Sarum. In his anger Cynric imprisoned Miles, who was later severely beaten and then thrown into the dark hole of the Obluiette of Sarum. Miles was rescued later and his imprisonment and the revalationg of the death of Sir Barric led Earl Robert and the knights of Sailsbury to rise up and overthrow the Saxon garrison.

In the year 510, Sir Tybalt the Younger took his seat as Lord of Berwick St. James thus ending the regeancy of Sir Miles. During this year, Sir Miles left Sarum to travel north and did not tell his wife where he was going. Whispers abound that he has gone rogue and no one from Salisbury has seen him since his departure. Sir Miles was later rescued by Sir Tybalt from the Lothain dungeons as Miles was captured by King Lot during a secret mission from the Earl.

In 513, Sir Tybalt has disappeared and with this Sir Miles found himself once again in the position of Regent of Berwick St. James. Although only for a short while.

In 516, after the death of Tybalt the Younger and Florence being stripped of his knighthood due to the Berwick Purge , Sir Miles was once again placed in charge as reagent of Berwick St. James. After news of the death of his nephew Tybalt and the exile of his other nephew Florence, Tyson returned to Berwick and vowed to stay and help the regent Sir Miles with his duties. However, a dispute with Father Tristram over a seemingly pagan festival and Miles support of said festival led Tyson to inform Miles he was leaving Berwick with both Leget and Avavon, the two eldest of Tybalt the Younger’s sons. In light of the attempted kidnapping, Miles challenged Tyson to a duel but was easily defeated by the superior skill of Tyson, however Tyson left Miles alive.

Miles, Regent of Berwick St. James

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